Thursday, February 9, 2012

CHII Cosplay

^For those who may not know, Chii and Freya was mine and Minami's first official cosplay together.
Minami was Chii and I was Freya.
We even joined a competition, I remember that day, it was in SMX, E-games Domination III, April 2009.
Looking back, I'd say it was a mess and a big fail.
Well for one, I didn't know anything about make up, we didn't have contact lens on, I didn't like our wigs much and lastly, when we got on stage, we didn't know what to do. We just did a couple of cutesy poses. hahahahahha
Talk about being a total noob. XDDD

Still, it was a fun day as we bonded we friends, I'm so very glad that a lot of my friends went to support us that day.

I knew that our first run was bad, but oh boy, when I saw the photos, it was absolutely horrible. hahahhaha So I vowed, that the next time around, our cosplays will be a hundred folds better.

As I said, I was originally Freya.
But Fantasy Quest last 2011 was held in Fernbrook Gardens, an absolutely stunning place. I didn't have any cosplays that were appropriate enough for the venue. I was tight on funds and time, a new costume was out of the question. I had totally forgotten about our Chobits costumes so I was a bit startled when Minami suggested that why not wear the Chii costume. Then I thought, perfect!

This is the version of Chii and Freya that we did:


Chi (ちぃ / Chii) is a fictional character in the manga series Chobits, and its anime adaptation. She is a Chobit, a type of persocom that is far more technologically advanced than regular persocoms, and who are said to possess true machine intelligence rather than relying on the execution of pre-loaded software programs like other persocoms.

Apologies in advance everyone, I was so tired from work that I wasn't able to make the hair spools for my Chii coplay. Good thing my friend Pepz was able to make me the headgear in such short notice. Many thanks, dear!

Modified some parts of the costume as per my habit...

This was our first cosplay and although a lot of things were done poorly, I am very proud to say that our costume wasn't. I went all out in choosing the fabric and making the actual costume. Ate Mercy made our dresses divinely.
For this costume, I went with Star Satin, lots of ribbons and different kinds of lace and pearl buttons, not cheap! XDD

Their feet aren't seen in the photo so I improvised and came up with these shoe covers:

Lolita shoes + these custom shoe covers went very nicely with the costume^^

Has a built-in petticoat, too. See all the lace, ribbons and pearls? I sewed all the ribbons and pearl buttons myself =)

The lace on the chest

The back ribbon, choker, head gear and shoe covers

The adjustable back of the dress.

Was also short on time, if I ordered a wig online, it wouldn't arrive in time, so I went to Divisoria but they didn't have a nice blonde. Bought a white one and dyed and styled it myself.

Character: Chii
Cosplay by Yuu Shomura
Series: Chobits
Genre: Anime/ Manga
Photos by: z3LL, Kira Hokuten and Alfred Jorrel Bayle
Costume by Ate Mercy Torres and Yuu Shomura
Special Thanks to Nikki Gevana for the persocom ears and Pepz Soltura for the headgear

Now for photosssssssssss!~

I am cosplaying Lenny! heheheheh

Nyoron face :3

One of the rare times where I like my big fat round face XDDD perfect for looking moe hehehehe

I like the horseeeeeee!!! Deal with ittttttt!~ heheheh

My favorite from z3LL's set

Just love love love this! Fave from all the pics!~
BTW, see, I put lace on the chest part of the dress coz I thought it would be prettier. heheheheh

Wanna see what Chii would looks like if she were gay and run wild? XDDD
This is me being me, totally out of character XDD
For the sake of Photo bombing! Yep, a full frontal photo bomb!~
Why Chii has no shoes? Coz I was tired and I took my shoes off to rest and sit in a corner, seeing a chance to photo bomb, I immediately got up and ran full force and now you see the result of my efforts heheheheeh.
These are my friends by the way, see their face? Priceless.
Some didn't have time to react properly with Chii's sudden appearance heheheheeh

I got tired so lied down for a bit, and what do you know, my friends took a photo of me while resting. Typical XD
Photo by Andre XDDD

The obligatory same pose different day photo!
Leleng, me and Pana being bombed by Xheng and Uno XDDD

It was a fun day of cosplay and friendship. 
I miss my pana...
I'll shoot my Freya costume soon and have shoot with Minami as Chii in the future, too. ^^

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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