Sunday, April 14, 2013


^Vocaloid is still one of my favorites when it comes to music.

I've always been a Megurine Luka gal, but over time, I learned to appreciate the voices of the other avatars.
I like creepy, dark and mysterious stuff.
When I stumbled upon this song, it instantly became a favorite of mine.

I had never seen or heard Miku in this kind of song before.
Not the usual Miku.
I really liked it, so much so that I decided to cosplay Miku in this version hahahaha
Back then, there was no Project Diva version yet.

I followed the PV as my main reference.

Costume was easy enough.
I made everything myself.
The yukata, is made of black katrina.
Actually, the main part used to be my sister's Temari Shippudden version yukata. hehehhe
I made it shorter and made the sleeves longer.
All was hand sewn.
z3LL laughed at my uneven stitches, I didn't think it mattered as they are barely visible anyway.

The red obi, was also recycled from the Temari costume.
On the side, you will see Temari of Naruto Shippudden, see how her costume looks similar to Miku's Rakshasa and Carcasses outfit?
I had opted to just alter this costume since we already had it, than have a new one made.

Cosplay need not be expensive, you know.
Just bought an extra half yard of black katrina and since I sewed it myself, there were no labor costs.

Didn't bother using a wig as I already had loooooong dark hair. I just tied them into pigtails and styled my bangs.
Also teased my hair a bit for volume.

For the kitsune mask, I bought a paper mache sad face mask and modified it, used old paper around the house and glue. Painted with white spray paint, red poster paint and black oil paints.
I used black oil paints because I wanted the black to get messy. Purposely didn't do a clean job as I thought this was a dark and grim version, going too neat would not be appropriate.
Also added some dirt on the edges and added extra details as I felt the mask in the PV was too plain.
Once I was happy, I coated the mask with clear spray paint to keep everything just the way I wanted it.
Instead of garter, I used red ribbons I braided together to add more effect, because honestly, the character's design is too simple heheheh

Kitsune Mask 

Total cost for this costume was prolly around 150 to 200 PhP only.

For the make up, since the costume was very plain, I decided to make my eyes dramatic.
Used white foundation to make me more ghostly and pale.
On the eyes, actually, I kept making a mistake. hahahaha
Instead of doing it over, I just tried to balance the mistake and do the same to the other eye. hahahah
Some how, it ended looking nice and I liked it.
Added red to the lower sides of my eyes for more drama, too.
Learned a lot of things from my mistakes and ended up, having such dramatic eyes for this cosplay. hehehe

Used black markers for the eyes on my palms.

Make up took very long, plus over an hour of travel time to get to the location.
Then, further prepping once there. We started shooting at around 5pm...

This turned out to be one of the fastest shoots we had done and the most satisfactory.
We were done by 6pm because the park was closing and the management was ushering people out already hahaha
Glad we got a lot of nice shots in that hour.

Character: Hatsune Miku
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Vocaloid
Version: Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses / Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro 
Costume and make up by Yuu 
photos by z3LL

 Rakshasa Miku cosplay
This is my most favorite shot

 Hold, Release; Rakshasa and Carcasses
Me showing "the dainty hands is nice" in photos heheh

 Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro 
Umbrella was originally pink, painted it red for this cosplay 
Ribbons on the mask, added detail

 Rakshasa Miku in the dark forest
Went bare foot for effect

 Another favorite shot of mine
Lucky the sun was setting so it was getting dark, and this big old tree had branches hanging low that some kids used as a swing, took advantage of that. Some kids got scared of me and ran away hehehehe

Costume was really a breeze. The hardest part was just getting the right facial expression.
The usual cute or serious face was not necessary.
Looking blank was.

I miss making costumes and having shoots...
These one on one shoots with z3LL sure are productive.
I laugh as I remember that a lot of people were shouting stuff like "naruto naruto!" or "anbu anbu!" at me during the shoot. hehehehe

I miss cosplaying Vocaloid, too...

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Astig talaga cosplays mo Yuu. Always keeps getting better :)

  2. thank you po sa mask tutorial :D