Sunday, April 21, 2013

False Eyelashes

^Fake or false eyelashes.

These imitation lashes are wonderfully awesome.
They really add drama to the eyes because of the extra volume and thickness they provide.
To someone with small eyes, like me, they are heaven sent.

For cosplay, they are a must. A MUST (well not really a must, but they are extremely valuable) in order to achieve the big expressive eyes of the characters we wish to give life.

As I find them very essential for my cosplays, I have accumulated quite a lot.

False eyelashes or fake eyelashes
Some of my collection heheheh

But if you want to look extra dolled up, using falsies (as they are also called) would also be a good idea.
Comparison photo of eyes with falsies and without.
In this photo, I have on both top and lower false eyelashes.
Used the "rich type"

False eyelashes are available for the top and bottom of the eyes.
But false bottom eyelashes aren't as easily available and there are only a few varieties compared to false top eyelashes.

I remember going into a local beauty store *ahemwatsonsahem* and asking the saleslady:

"ate, me false eye lashes ba kayo na pang baba ng mata?"
"ay meron po! dito po *shows me top lashes*"
"bottom lashes po..."
"opo! *smiles and walks away"


False eyelashes come in two forms.
One is where the lashes are already formed together for each eye, and the other is where the lashes are to be individually placed on the eyes, as seen below.

False eyelashes come in a lot of variety; there are thin natural looking ones, crossed, thick, colored, feathered or even jeweled! There are so many designs that can give you different effects.
Depending on the design, you can look cute or sexy.
To see some examples of false eyelashes and their effects, check the Cosplay Chronicles.

Isabella Yamamoto cosplay
if you look closely, I used falsies with jewels on them as I felt fashion forward people from Paradise Kiss would be able to work them (nah, I just bought them ages ago on impulse coz I thought they were pretty hehehehe Good thing, they weren't a total waste as I found a character I can use them for LOL)

These are my favorite kind of falsies.
I have stocks of these at home.
These kind of falsies are not overly thick, they are just good enough to open up the eyes.
I usually use falsies like these for characters that are "no make up" or young but not cutesy cutesy, usually the ones in seifuku or in "everyday/ normal outfits".

Ginchiyo Tachibana cosplay
Used the most common, natural looking falsies for this cosplay

Konata Haruhi cosplay
false eyelashes clearly visible in the photos

For characters that are mature or have a seductive air, I usually use thick lashes such as the ones above.

Meiko cosplay
Used thick falsies that go longer towards the outer ends for a more mature and seductive look

Some times, to get bigger eyes or look more appealing or because the character requires it, I use two or more lashes placed on top of each one.

For some one who is not used to them, falsies can be heavy to the eyes, but the effects are so amazing, that one usually endures such pains, tiis ganda ika nga. hehehehe

Princess Emeraude cosplay
I used 2 sets of false eyelashes for this cosplay.
1 pair of thick falsies, 1 pair of rich falsies.

Falsies can be found in your local malls, beauty bars, anywhere you can get make up.
Daiso and Saizen are good places to get them, especially if you are on a budget. Daiso and Saizen not only have falsies for the top but also lower false eyelashes on top of their great variety of top fake lashes.
Divisoria and most online wig shops also have them.

False eyelashes need adhesive. The cheap ones usually have free glue with them but those are no good. Tony Moly has really good eyelash glue although a bit pricey, but Nichido, Saizen and Daiso also have good ones that are really cheap (not even more than 100php). 

Falsies can be used more than once, I normally throw out my falsies after about 3 or 4 uses or until they accumulate too much glue. To keep your false eyelashes safe and nice, get yourself a good false eyelash container. Again, you can turn to Daiso and Saizen for this. hehehe 
Falsies Container from Saizen

If you have trouble getting your hands on lower falsies, what you can do is use top falsies, just turn them over or cut one in half or trim accordingly

Lacus Clyne cosplay
I usually don't use lower falsies as I feel it looks weird on me and they are hard to find (at least in the Philippines).
For this cosplay, I used one thin top fake lashes, cut in half and used as lower lashes.

If you are still not convinced of the powers of falsies, here is a comparison shot I made.
Top is just eyeliner, middle is eyeliner with top false eye lashes and bottom is top with bottom lashes.
See how the lashes liven and open the eyes up more?
My eye also seems to be bigger because of the lashes.
(pardon the uneven lighting, I am focusing on the magic of falsies so I didn't bother with proper make up or set up XDD)

eyes closed
eye with make up plus falsies and eye with no make up or falsies

Admittedly, putting on falsies at first can be hard.
Applicators are available to make it easy, Saizo and Daisen have them as well as the places where you get the falsies.
 False eyelash applicator

I use this plastic stick to push the fake lashes in place

Even with the falsies, one still needs mascarra to blend your natural eyelashes with the fake ones.

Hope you learned something from this.
Don't be afraid, go out and get yourself some fake eye lashes! ^^V


thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I didn't know about those applicators before haha. Cool! Pahirapan parati. :P

    So many falsies Yuu! I'm amazed! I want! I only use cheap ones like SHawill hehe :)

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    1. a friend gave me an applicator and it really makes it easier hehehe

      cheap na ba ang shawill? mine are almost all from divi (1o to 20php) or from saizen hehehehe

      miss u, chai orz

  2. oh! I didn't know bout the metal eyelash applicator.. bakit ganun shape ng handle?

    Anyway, I so love lashes!

  3. San mo nabili yung false eyelashes? :)

  4. I bought two pairs last week but I don’t know how to apply it X_X
    ~Pauline @Kallony