Contouring Tips (How to Change Your Face Shape with Make Up)


Contouring is basically defining or changing your face shape with make up by giving the illusion of shadows.

To give you a bit more info, please read my other entry on the subject here.

Anyway, I figured, it would be easier if I SHOW you guys rather than just TELLING you HOW.
If you read my previous entry on the topic, you'd know the things you need for proper contouring.

THIS TUTORIAL, or what ever, am not really sure what this is called XD, is specifically FOR PEOPLE WITH BIG or ROUND or FAT FACES, people like me. hehehehehe

This post can be used by males, females or anything in between.

I don't have photo shop right now so forgive the photos, I just drew them on my little notebook then took photos, so pardon the quality.
I used green color pencils to show you where to put the contours or shadows to change your face shape.

To help you see the effects, I've also included photos of my cosplays where I used said style of contouring.
Although, please note that I have not used all styles YET, so not all have samples.
I just used my imagination to visualize where the contours / shadows should be to get the desired effect.

For the faces, I used a pattern I made, so all the faces from A to F are all the same, but it seems different because of the shadows or the contouring, right?

A. - basic / slim face
B. - emphasized cheekbones

A. is one of my favorites as most of the time, I just need to make my face look thinner.
A. also applies to a lot of characters as it is one of the most common face shapes.

Hyuuga Hinata cosplay
I used A. because Hinata has a basic face shape, she's not really old or too young either.

Yumi Komagata cosplay
I wanted to look like a pretty lady so I used B., if you look closely you'd see my actual face shape and the contouring I did heheheh

 C. - chiseled / masculine
D. small / younger face

Magnet Kaito cosplay
Used C. for this one as I wanted to try something different and look really emo manly XDD

Konata Haruhi cosplay
Most kid characters have round faces or chubby cheeks so for those characters I use D. to focus attention towards the center of my face and to make is seem like my cheeks are extra adorable heheheh

E. - mature female
F. - mature male

Meiko cosplay
Well, Meiko seems to be the oldest female of all the Vocaloid avatars and she has that sexy air about her so I used E.

I have yet to cosplay any mature male characters so for F, I have no samples to show.

As a treat, I added how I contour my nose. hehehehe

I hoped that helped you guys out!
Do try it out and show me, I'd love to see how contouring turned out for you.

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thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Kyaaa!! Extra adorable cheeks! <3
    Nice tutorial! I also use some of them. Hehe!

  2. Ohh nice tutorial! It will be very helpful x3 I have a really chubby face ;^; <333

    Thanks a lot!

  3. Very helpful! :D
    Thanks for sharing this <3

  4. thanks for the tips~!

  5. Thank you so much! It's hard to find contouring tutorials for round faces! Definitely bookmarking this page! XD