Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2 Dos for Newbie Cosplayers

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I have observed that majority of newbie cosplayers (at least in the Philippines, not sure about other countries...) are students or people not yet of legal age or people who have no means of supporting themselves yet.
Mind you, this is just my assumption, I have no statistical data to prove this, but either way, this post is aimed for cosplayers who have just started out, not of legal age, are still in school and cannot support themselves yet. That is how I define Newbie cosplayers for the purposes of this post, just so we're clear.

Sunako Nakahara cosplay

This is just an advise or a reminder, if you will, from someone who has been in the hobby for quite some time and by nature a den mother.
Am not forcing anyone to follow my advise, but at least take time to consider what I have to say.

Cosplay is an expensive hobby, sure you can be resourceful but you'd still need funds.
Here are 2 very easy ways to be able to cosplay and it DOESN'T COST ANYTHING.


2 Dos for Newbie Cosplayers...


As much as I'd like to say cosplay is forever, reality is... IT ISN'T.
There will come a time when life will get the better of you or you'd simply find another thing of interest and you'd move on.
Why do you need to be a good student?
So that when the time comes, you'd have a good future, even if you leave cosplay behind, you can always come back and pick up from where you left.
Hobbies can wait but a good future and a head full of knowledge can't.

Also, you'd be surprised but you can learn things from school that may possibly be of use to you not only in cosplay but in other things, too.

Do well in school, you don't have to be an honor student, but do your best and try to really learn.

Parents are more inclined to give rewards to kids with good grades than kids who bring home failing marks.

Parents work very hard to give their kids a good education, don't waste their efforts. It is for your own good, too.

If you focus too much on cosplay and neglect your education, then what will you be if cosplay is taken away?
Please think about that not only for your sake but for your parents, too.

Vocaloid Eager Love Revenge Cosplay
photo by Aeade


You live under the roof of your parents, your allowance and everything you own most likely is from your parents, too. You do not have a job yet, if it weren't for your parents, you wouldn't be in this world in the first place.

If you don't put importance on your education, if you disobey your parents, then how will they support you?

If you have good grades, if you do your chores and you just be good kids, it is easy to ask for favors and rewards from Mommy and Daddy.
Not only will you have an overall good relationship with your parents but you'd most likely be trusted by your parents for a lot of things.

Ask permission properly, always let your parents know where you are and come home at the right time, that way, you'd be allowed to go out and cosplay, even possibly get pocket money or more allowance and best of all, your parents would not think badly of cosplay as a hobby.

Also, isn't it better to have freedom because you are trusted rather than sneaking around and hiding?

Be good kids, you'd have more freedom, be allowed to stay out late, hang out with friends, get extra money and get awesome birthday and holiday parents, really.
Be a joy to the people who brought you into this world.

Most importantly, if you show your parents that cosplay is a good hobby, you'd be sure that they would tell their friends how much of a good influence it is to children and those parents would be more open to their kids cosplaying and more adults would understand cosplay better.
Wouldn't that be nice?

To sum it up:

Good kids = Happy parents = parents who are more willing to give you want you want = happier relationships = BETTER COSPLAYS

Really, this post made me feel so ooooold hahahaha

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