Tips for Online Buying

^Technology has really made life easier for us.
Nowadays, the internet can be used for anything.
Shopping and selling items has never been easier. Now we can buy stuff without leaving our homes.
Great for people who have no time, saves us a lot of effort.
But there are also people who just can't resist taking advantage of others.

So, to prevent the ugly feeling you get from being scammed and getting something you didn't ask for, I've compiled some tips to help you buy online.

In no particular order:

Most items for sale come with descriptions and information that can be easily accessed. Read and make sure that all the details are there before asking any questions. If you still can't find the information, then you may ask. Reading really helps a lot. This saves time not only on the buyer's part but the seller's as well.

*Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Sellers are usually friendly and ready to help, don't abuse their niceness, though. Ask for questions only when the information you want is not available. Read first and then ask questions. Asking intelligent questions is different from just asking and saying what ever.

Here are some things you should check before buying or placing your order:

  • Is the item second hand or brand new?
  • Ask for actual photos
  • Check for damages
  • Are the items on hand/ currently in stock or for pre-order.
  • Shipping and other services
  • When can you expect the items to arrive
  • Check for privacy policies, warranties, guaranties and return policies
  • Read and understand terms and conditions of the shop
  • Be wary of the prices and if there are any more added or hidden charges
  • Know the brand of the item and the condition of the item you will get
  • Look for details on how to contact the seller for questions or complaints
  • If you are buying clothes and shoes, ask for when worn photos

*Look for reviews of the Shop your are buying from
It is understandable that starting or new shops have few comments or reviews but it never hurts to ask around and check. Look at the photos and activities of the shop such as comments, wall and status updates. If something doesn't feel right, just walk away or close the window. There are more shops out there and ask friends for recommendations.

*Don't give out your personal information easily
There is such a thing as identity theft, it is scary and in no way a laughing matter.
Do not post it on the wall or out for everyone to see. Give information only when asked and make sure that it is secure. Names, address and contact details are commonly asked by sellers, but something is wrong if they ask info like birthday, SSS number, TIN, bank info, credit card details or family background or passwords.

If you feel uncomfortable about the information being asked, you can ask what they are for and just search for other sellers/shops.

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*Check the prices
If something is too cheap and perfect then there must be something wrong with it. Don't be fooled by the low low prices, these would be most likely be a sham, there are just items that are too good to be true and they usually are.

If these cheap things are second hand, ask for actual photos because there are people who will post photos from distributors and what not, you will be sorely disappointed if you do not check before buying. Ask for the current condition of the items, too, as this will help in determining prices. Be a smart shopper.

Don't be such vicious haggling cheapskates, sellers need profit, too. It is after all a business. Just be sure that the transaction is fair for both the buyer and seller.

Be smart with your money, most online stores will give you what your money is worth.

Assuming that shop is a legitimate one that sells brand new items, items that are low in prices are usually the ones with low quality items/services as well.

*Try reaching out to the sellers first
Try talking to the seller first, if you can. Check if the seller is really legit and an actual person. This helps clarify things, do not buy or send any information or assume anything unless you have received any kind of confirmation from the seller. Good communication between client and seller really helps.

*Use trusted paying methods
Money is hard to earn and losing it is really painful so choose a trusted means of paying. Paypal, bank to bank transactions and G-cash are really good if Cash on Delivery and Meet ups aren't your thing.

If ever meet ups is the mode you chose, be considerate, choose a place and time and date favorable for both parties. Be smart and cautious, do not go on a meet up alone if you can help it and set it in a public place with lots of people. Shady places at weeee hours of the day should be avoided at all costs.

*Keep records.
Save messages and transaction details and receipts and order related documents, they may come in handy just in case something goes wrong.

Also, do not give in to marketing ploys such as spam and pop ups!~

Trust your instincts, if something feels weird, don't pressure yourself to just buy buy buy. Arm yourself with information, research and ask around, don't be an online buying addict who blindly buys anything online then regrets it later.

Shopping online is easy and one should not be afraid, things would usually go well if you are well armed with information. If you are afraid of being scammed or getting the wrong product, do your research, prevention is always best cure to any problem.

Once the transaction is successfully accomplished all you have to do is agonize over the wait. Believe me, the waiting for your parcel to arrive is actually the hardest part of online buying. hehehehehe ^^

Happy shopping online!~

thanks for reading!
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  1. Thanks Yuu~
    Lovely info and love the intermission. <3

  2. I love online shopping and been scammed like twice already LOl D: anyways good to know this. Thanks ~!!

  3. Thanks for posting this article. Now I enlightened. I really did regret buying those pair boots. :)