Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cosplay Snapshot Project circa 2011

^The Cosplay Snapshot Project has only been around since 2010, it is the realization of our dear papa Erving's dream. You can call it his brain child, prolly a sibling of ours hehehehehe

That little cosplay photo book is the perfect opportunity for a photographer to show the world his photos that happen to be of cosplay. Really, it is more of the photographer's chance to shine above others but that isn't to say that the cosplayers don't get any chance to share the lime light.

2011 was awesome! From all the people who submitted entries, a lot of my good friends' works got in and were even so fortunate to place!
Photographers and cosplayers alike, am so proud. Looking at the photo book makes me swell with pride, cosplay in the Philippines sure has come a long way.

The Cosplay Snapshot Project for 2010, first ever!

Technically 2 of my cosplays got in. My Belldandy was submitted by dear Raisa and the SOS Brigade group cosplay I had with friends but I got cut off. Like really, it's like someone hates me, you can't tell that Tsuruya was part of the photo. hahahahahhaha

See?! I was there! hahahahaha This one was submitted by z3LL 
Talk about hurtful XDDDDD hahahaha

The 2nd edition, for 2011, looks so pro! ^^V

As if the cosmic universe was trying to make it up to me, 2 of my cosplays got in! Full pages even!
This Chii of mine, when I saw it, I was really surprised. I didn't know squishy Shimekops submitted it. heheheh But am really happy. I love this shot, mad props to the Kesoman!

This Miku by z3LL also got in! Yay! Mind you, this is just something I put together but it is something I think that Miku would wear. =)

And now, for my top faves from the 2011 Cosplay Snapshot project!
 Subject is stunning, cosplay absolutely on point, back ground is breath taking, lighting is stellar, everything just works! I l-l-love it!!!!!

Oh the eyes! The eyes just draws me in! I cant help but have a staring session with Ian's fierce eyes! gaaaaaaaaaa!

Am really excited to get my hands on the 2012 edition, am sure there will be more photos and lots more awesome cosplays. Cosplay Mania people and papa Erving, great job. =)

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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