Thursday, October 13, 2011

SKULD Cosplay

^Ah! Megami-sama or Ah! My goddess is a really nice anime.
For me it's a nice, feel good series. heheheeheheh.
I find it so relaxing to watch the three very different sister - Belldandy, Skuld and Urd. Keichii though, is another story. heheheheeh
They may be different, but they love and care for each other deeply.

My Skuld cosplay basically came to be because we already had the costume.
My Ah! Megami-sama chara was really Belldandy, but I felt I did badly.
I had difficulties portraying the perfect, mild-mannered and beautiful goddess because in real life, I am nothing like that. hahahahahaha

My sister Minami is the Skuld in the AMG group that we had, Jazz was Urd and I was Belldandy.
My friends felt that I was more like Skuld, I actually felt the same so I gave it a shot.
It was pretty easy and comfy because of my long dark hair and the costume fitted me well since Minami and I had almost the same measurements. Skuld is fun and childish, so much like me, it was so easy a pie.

For those who are not familiar, here is some info on Skuld.


(Sukurudo) is a character in the anime/manga Oh My Goddess! As with her fictional sisters, Belldandy and Urd, Skuld has her origins in Norse mythology. Skuld is one of the three Norns and represents the future.

Skuld has a Goddess second class, type one, limited license, a category similar to her eldest sister Urd. Her true age is unknown, but her appearance (and actions) is that of a girl in her early teens. 
Skuld is one of Yggdrasil's system debuggers. She compensates for her lack of magic power with her innate talent for invention which is known throughout Heaven (though it is revealed much later that this is also a type of magical ability). Skuld recharges her energy by consuming ice cream and travels via warm or hot water. (Ironically, she can't swim.) She bears the emblem of the future.
Skuld is an engineering genius, capable of building just about anything out of the most mundane parts under most limited resources. She can compute equations and redesign even the most complex engineering blueprints in no time. All too frequently, though, she forgets to include instructions with her devices, which can create havoc if someone unsuspecting of their true power (such as Keiichi) interferes with them. Though many of her contraptions tend to blow up, or self-destruct, she dislikes machines that have meaningless functions. 

The costume:
The dress and skirt.
Although this is my sister's costume, I am very much hands on when it come to our cosplays. 

I was kinda low on budget then, being a student, paying for 2 costumes is kinda hard.

I went with Geena Silk for our costume because of the following reasons:
  • It was cheap
  • The color was what I was looking for
  • It was light, which would allow us to get all the flowy effects that we wanted
  • We lived in a tropical country so the fabric would allow us to breathe and is comfy.

Geena is kinda thin so the costume was made in 2 layers. But even though there were 2 layers, it was still flowy =)

I didn't have the money to have custom shoes made so we settled with shoe covers made from the same fabric as the dress and skirt.

I was still new to props and accessory making then, my knowledge of where to find stuff was really limited. The first stuff I made for this Skuld cosplay wasn't really sturdy but eventually I learned and I was able to make the items stronger. ;)

For the gems on the dress, shoes and gloves, I bought button pins from a local mall. Painted them gold (with spray paint) then stuck red gems on em. I bought the gems from a local craft and embellishment store (Michelle's in Tutuban *wink wink*) Gloves were store bought then modified.

These are my most favorite part of  the Skuld costume. I am very proud of these. The gold belt was made from a garden hose,a key ring, gold craft wire, ribbons, safety pins,some ping pong balls and Christmas ornaments. 

The necklace took a lot of prototypes. XD heheheheeh The first one I made was from a bunch of cable wires and beads I found around the house, it felt sticky though. Next was with shoelaces. But for the last one. I used an old ID lace, I stuck wire in the middle to get the shape that I wanted, I added the beads and locks then painted everything gold. =)

I was supposed to make a pair of earrings, but lucky I found ones that were so close to what I was looking for. heheheheheh

In total, I have "borrowed" this costume for approximately 3 times already. heheheeh
I even joined a competition XD Yep, it was for Mangaholix 2009, didn't win but I was able to move to the 2nd round (there were 3 rounds from what I recall hehehehe).

I aslo cosplayed Skuld in my first ever out of country cosplay. Wore it when I attended AFA 2010 (in Singapore) with friends.

I was also Skuld when I got invited to be part of the a local knowledge show.

All good memories. =)

Now for some photos! hehehehehe

Character: Skuld
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Ah! Megami-sama / Ah! My Goddess / Oh! My Goddess
Genre: Anime/ Manga
Photos by: z3LL and Shiro Ang

Love this coz this is one of the rare shots I have wherein you can see my earrings.

Face marking where cut out from blue construction paper. Would have used make up but I didn't want to bother other people. These were easier coz I just had to stick em on. hehehehehe

Full body shot.

So, there, my Skuld cosplay. =)

I made a hammer but it died easily coz it was only made from paper cups and PVC pipes, will try to look for a photo of it. hehehehe XD But I doubt I can find a decent one. Will TRY to make another one IF I ain't feeling so lazy. XD

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