Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cosplay Mania 2011, Day -1 and Day 0

^Cosplay Mania is definitely one of the biggest events that we have in the Philippines.
Every year, there is always something that improves or makes it better from the last.
This year's Cosplay Mania was definitely the one event that I looked forward to most.
This year's is also the most tiring out of all because of all the prepping and stuff that I had to do, prolly because I was so involved. heheheheheh So far, I don't remember any other event where I was so hands on. eheehehe

So, ok!
Here's me blogging about the days leading to Cosplay Mania 2011 and to the actual event days. I don't normally do this because:

  1. I am LAZY
  2. I am LAZY
  3. I am LAZY
But, I just had one hell of a time and the events that happened were so precious and the people I was able to befriend and spent time with were so amazing that I want to remember this.

Day -1 (yep, Negative 1 hehehehehehe)
29 September, 2011 - Thursday

Woke up with difficulty (as usual), went to work. Worked from 9am till 7pm. Chatted with my dear Zhel through YM in between work hehehehehe
I remember she was having difficulty packing because of the "girl issue". She was saying she had a lot of stuff to bring and being a girl, she had needs and can not live with just one back pack. hehehehehe Make up alone was 1kg. I can definitely relate.

After work, I met up with the z3LL and Quakey in the Jollibee near our office in Paseo de Roxas. We had dinner, Quakey was feeling under the weather, he was supposed to be part of the "sundo" party for Zhel's arrival. Rather than risk him getting really sick, we insisted that he go home and rest, Zhel would understand. Thankfully, he listened to reason.

Me and z3LL then headed to Hario's place. He lived near the airport and he was our ride. Passed time talking about random things while waiting for Zhel's plane to land. At about 15 minutes to 11pm, we headed to NAIA's Domestic Terminal. Got there early or rather the plane was late so we hung out at the parking lot and talked about more random stuff. hehehehehehe

I got bored. I had a sudden idea of making a sign so that Zhel could find us, well, actually I just wanted to hold a sign since those things are all the rage especially when you're in an airport to pick some one up. XD
We didn't have any markers or paper with us so we had to make do with what we had.
Found z3LL's fan and a ball point pen.

So purrdy looking. ahahhahahha That is how I look like after a long day at work.
Me and z3LL holding my masterpiece. 
I started writing just "Zhel" but a lot of people mix Zhel the cosplayer girl from Davao and z3LL the photographer since both names are pronounced the same way, so I added the "Pub Accnt" (public account) thing. heheheheheh

We were laughing at this random idea. XD After a few more minutes, I got an SMS from Zhel saying that her plane has landed. Woooohoooo! Me, Hario and z3LL crossed the street to the waiting area.

I saw her right away. Even from afar, with my bad eyesight, I knew it was Zhel. 

Holding up the sign as Zhel arrives.

She sees us and Hario's camera and poses. Reflexes of a cosplayer? heheeheeh

Zhel saving her cart heheheheh It rolled off because she took her hands off just to pose for the camera hahahhaha She then walks over to us to give us hugs then reads the sign. 
Silence "..." then "PUBLIC ACCOUNT?!!!" 
hahahahahahahaah Laughter. And more laughter ensures ahhahahaha

We then get an SMS that her partner AC was also there to pick her up, but he was nowhere in sight. Called him up and found that he was in another terminal hehehehe. Yep, NAIA's terminals are confusing. >_<

Drove on over to where AC was and we are now complete!
Look at those faces! hahahahahhhhahah
Zhel so cute XD But in our defense, it was late and we were tired.
Shut it! That is totally valid! XD hahahahah *being defensive, LOL*

Many thanks to Hario and his dad for the ride, but it would have been too much if they drove us all the way home so we got off to where we could ride a bus to SM Fairview. AC got off at Cubao. It was a fun, cold and very windy ride. I LOVE ORDINARY BUSES! *head bangs* hehehehehe

Zhel was supposed to stay in our house but Typhoon Pedring left us with no electricity. Shame, my family had everything prepared for Zhel. tsk Plan B was we sleep over at z3LL's.

We had a room to ourselves, me and Zhel. While she cleaned up. I had fun with her Warrior of Light helmet (AC please do not kill me!)
Harry Potter shirt FTW!
Such awesome craftsmanship, AC!

Everybody loves the helmet. ehhehehe

Zhel walks back into the room and is always ready for the camera.

Oh my Gad! I am caught! XD hehehehehhe

We really missed each other. We talked and talked till we fell asleep. I think we were up till past 3 am. hehehehe So happy to be with one of my dearest friends, Public Account Zhel again. 

I so love this girl ♥

Day 0 (yep, from negative 1, now it is zero hehehehehehe)
30 September, 2011 - Friday

Next morning, I went to work. (half day only. heheheheh) Me and Zhel took a cab to Makati. She had a busy day ahead, I wanted to just skip work and go with her but alas... I am now an adult and adults have responsibilities and work. 

We parted ways in Ayala. It was noon and we wanted to get lunch. Zhel was coercing me to have lunch with her, Kat and Jin. I told her I had someone waiting for me at work. So I didn't go with her even though I wanted to.
Here's the thing, I pass on the lunch with Zhel, Kat and Jin to interview a certain someone and that someone doesn't show up!
Grrrrrrrrr! That was the only reason I went to work in the first place! Anyway, worked till 6pm. Then went home to our home that still didn't have electricity. *shakes fists*

Didn't notice it that much though, I was dead tired. Was asleep the moment I hit the bed. heheheheheh

Many many thanks to Hario for the ride, z3LL for the accommodations and AC for going all the way to NAIA. =)

The actual event days!

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