World Cosplay Summit 2014 Day 1

^Now to the day of excitement itself!
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2nd August, 2014
Day 1 of the World Cosplay Summit 2014

I had been sleeping all by my lonesome in our hotel when at around 6am-ish, I was awaken by a knock on the door.
Lunaru had arrived from Tokyo! She rode a 7-hour bus to go to Nagoya. heheheheh
After opening the door, some hugs then more sleep.

Woke up at around 10:30 am-ish.
Did some prepping then headed out to see the Nishiki Street Red Carpet Parade.
We were down a little after 11:00. Love that our hotel is just across the hotel where the organizers and participants are staying. hehehehe But since we were on time XD there were already a lot of people. Oh Japan. XDD

My super relaxed and i-dont-care look.
yep, walked out the hotel in just my jinbei and shades
 this is what I call my Madao look hehehe

Lunaru ironing her costume.

To the Red Carpet Parade! Lots of people and we were at a disadvantage because we were short :(
Lu and I were on our tippy toes and were craning our necks for a better view but to no avail... then we just got tired and sat on the pavement.
Boom! Hello nice view! hahahahha

Before the cosplays were the usual ladies and gents in traditional garb and children doing some folk dance.

Lovely young ladies in Kimono.
I was wondering why there was an unusual amount of camera wielding sweaty men that day.
I later found out that these pretty gals were members of SKE48.
After these pretties walked the red carpet, their fans also went with them so more breathing space for me and Lu hehehe

Hachimaru is always present and ever so supportive <3
Hachimaru is Nagoya city's official mascot.
With him is his handler in a Lum outfit.

There was another performance then out came the representatives!
Let's start with my favorites, shall we?

Team Hong Kong is now an official member! Last year they were one of the observer nations.
Love the Ryuuko's choice of fabric and Mako is just super adorbs and extra points for all the props! Spot on!

Team Thailand in Ao no Exorcist!
Great costumes!

Team Brazil looking nice ehehehe <3

Team Russia is a husband and wife tandem.
Missis just looks so awesome in her Samus body suit. So tall and model-y <3
Great body and long legs <3

Team Taiwan was working the red carpet like pros
They stopped and posed and really showed off their costumes.
I loved watching them.

Team Indonesia was very animated on the carpet :3

Team France

Team Italy

Team Denmark
I am sad I didn't get a better shot of their costumes... It was one of the best made costumes on the runway and the details were superb

Team Japan
Loved their costume and make up but I wish Noh-hime was more Noh-hime...

Team China
So many beautiful costumes from Basara hahahaha

Team USA
They made me go "Whoa!" OwO in a good way hehehe

Team Germany

Team Singapore

Team Mexico

Team South Korea
fairly surprised that Aza Miyuko was also popular in Japan.
There were a lot of people screaming her name among the crowd

Team Australia
Going old school with King of Fighters! woot!

To the observer nations!
We now have our first Arab country in the WCS! Kuwait was there as an observer along with Portugal. Philippines and Vietnam also still observers.

Team Portugal

Team Philippines!
Yay! They were great on the red carpet, they were energetic and fun and posed like no tomorrow!
Awesome costumes, too!

we spotted a stand!
not a lot of cosplays during the Red Carpet parade...
maybe the cosers are still prepping or having lunch at this time... hmmm...

After the Red Carpet parade, me and Lu decided to claim our tickets for the championship.
Where to claim the tickets? We didn't know hahahahah
We enlisted the help of our phone navigators but they just made us even more lost than usual.
We asked directions from a group of ahempogiahem random cosers passing by and they led us to the right path.

We be lost but we still have time to enjoy a selfie hahahah

But we were too early so tickets weren't being released yet.
So we just went to have lunch then back to the hotel to henshin to our EVA group cosplay.

From Madao look to Asuka 
Oh my gash, even with just this seifuku, I felt so hot and I hated that I forgot how to do proper cosplay make up, I mean my normal human face make up has improved and my make up that day was still ok but I felt like it wasn't a proper cosplay make up. 
Did that even make sense? lol

It took so long to prepare! I felt bad that Atom was ready in a jiffy. orz
Done by 5pm orz
So unworthy to be cosing Asuka.
aurghhhhhhhhhhhh must improve this cosplay!!! rawrrrrrr!

Evangelion group cosplay heading out

Talked to a bunch of marshals to find out about the tickets and seating.
We thought we'd be sitting on the benches in front of the stage, like it has always been. This year though, the championship was held in the Concert Hall of Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater just beside Oasis 21. 

Ahhhhh the perks of buying a ticket. /thumbs up
This year, ticket holders watched the championship in comfy upholstered seats in an air conditioned room.
Everyone could still watch the championship but non-ticket holders watched everything through large screens outside.

Taking pictures inside wasn't allowed though...
I got told off a lot of times for trying to sneak a shot hahahaha

Here's a look at the venue before we went in to watch the performances which started promptly at 6pm

Eren and Levi just chillin' XDD

This is where we were seated for the championship.
Behind the controls, directly in the middle ehehehe

Ok, time for more group pics since these are the only ones that we have XD
proper EVA group shoot, please!

Besides watching the championships, we were also treated to performances by AKINO with bless4 and fripSide.

Congratulations to all the participating countries!
Everyone performed well and I am sure they made their home countries proud.
For the 2014 World Cosplay Summit, team Russia took the grand title, with Italy in 2nd place and Indonesia in 3rd place.

My favorites were South Korea and United Kingdom, sad they didn't place... :(

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Team South Korea
Credits to the owner of the video as this is not mine, just sharing.

World Cosplay Summit 2014 Team United Kingdom
Credits to the owner of the video as this is not mine, just sharing.

After watching the championship we roamed around for a bit to take photos of cosplayers.
Here are photos from Day 1.

Hayao Miyazaki with Porco Rosso!
ang cute lang, eh! hahahaha

This Sephiroth cosplayer had such a nice nose we thought he was foreign.
Awesome cos and 100% ikemen <3 Japanese

New friends, these guys were the ones who helped us locate the Arts Center :3

In Japan, we line up if we want to take a photo of cosplayers.
Yes, discipline, guys. DISCIPLINE.

Of course a wall of photographers can not be helped.
But look at them, those in the front are sitting so those at the back can take their shots.

Long day of cosplay.
Got really tired as I am no longer used to it. hahahah Age has caught up with me lol
Before, I cosplayed like maybe twice a week? May it be for a shoot or convention.
Now, I am down to once or twice a year. hahahaha

Took Lu and Atom to dinner.
Umaya, one of the best cha-han /yumyum

After eating, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppp! hahahahah

Photos and videos were taken by me unless stated otherwise.

Next post, World Cosplay Summit 2014 Day 2 and Summer in Nagoya <3

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