Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adventure with Atom

^Since the World Cosplay Summit was coming up, friends of mine decided to drop by Nagoya.
Atom came all the way from the Philippines and Lunaru was coming from Tokyo.
I was psyched to take them around my city before we get busy for WCS.

1st August, 2014
A day before WCS

Me and Atom met up.
We lovingly call Atom the Lakwatsero Database because there is nothing Atom doesn't know when it comes to travelling.
He is an awesome travel buddy, he wakes up early, he packs light and he knows all the best places to eat and go to.

I was supposed to be touring Atom but he knew Nagoya better than I did hahahaha.
As expected of the Lakwatsero, it was Atom who took me around Nagoya hahahahah
I wouldn't have known about the Nagoya City Science Museum if it wasn't for him. hahahah Super fail.

We got lost along the way but we saw some pretty cool sights. Like this tower, which I never knew existed. hahahaha

Here is what the Nagoya City Science Museum looks like from the outside
Nagoya City Science Museum
Cool, eh?
That round thing in the middle is the Planetarium.
The place also has fountains and a cool back and front yard wide enough to practice any performance, hang around or have photo shoots

There was a special exhibit for Dragon Ball when we went there.
Of course we wouldn't pass on this opportunity.The Dragon Ball exhibit and the Museum attractions were paid for separately. Atom lost his Dragon ball ticket so he had to buy a new one to get in.
It was cute how determined Atom was to get the most out of this Dragon Ball thing since he had to pay double hehehehe. He paid 900 JPY, TWICE. 

The Dragon Ball exhibit was a let down. But since we paid 900 JPY for it, Atom and I tried our best to make the most of it. We took as much photos as we can and participated in every interactive booth we could.
I didn't bother with watermarks for these pictures as our faces are clearly seen in these pics so... yeah XD

Me trying the Kamehameha simulation booth. I AM WEARING SHORTSSSSS!!! hahahaha

Me and Atom "climbing" Korin's Tower

We saw Android no. 18!

I can do Kamehameha, too, Goku! ahahhahahah

The museum itself was way better than the Dragon Ball exhibit, we had so much fun we forgot about taking photos.
Colossal Titan sighted! 
Nah, it was just one of the displays in the Biology section XD

Dinosaur bones!

Stuff outside:

We were hungry by this point.
Off to lunch!

Giant Golden Tempura!
One of the things one must try in Nagoya

Itadakimasu! Tempura for Yuu and Atom! yay!

Headed to Osu to do some shopping and buy some last minute costume components for our group cosplay the next day.
We got to Osu at about 6pm-ish, it was late so most shops were nearing closing time and there weren't a lot of people which made it easier to roam around.

August is summer in Japan so we had some traditional kakigouri. 
It's shaved ice with yummy syrup on top. Strawberry and peach!

Checked out Oasis 21 before calling it a day.
Oasis 21 is really amazing, most specially at night.

All ready for the big event, World Cosplay Summit 2014!

Our hotel room, small but really close to Oasis 21.

As usual, the bathroom is ridiculously cramped. >w<

Next post, World Cosplay Summit 2014 Day 1!

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