Thursday, September 25, 2014

Group Cosplays

^Nothing beats an awesome cosplay...
... Unless it's an awesome GROUP COSPLAY!!! Oh Yeah!

Seeing a character we like excites us but seeing a character with their gang just gets us all jumpy and even more giggly, right?

So today, let's talk about group cosplays: How to plan and maybe make it better so everyone has a good time and eve more awesome cosplay.

It's always easier to go solo. I mean, you're already stressed with your own costume, so you don't need additional stress from other people's costumes, right?
But admit it, sometimes it is lonely and it's always awesome to spazz over a fandom with friends.

Group cosplays are great because it is another way for you to get to know people and their abilities but be careful, because sometimes working in teams can also strain relationships.

Here are things to remember when you are in a team or will be in one:

*Pick your team wisely.
Pick people that can be relied upon, it sucks when team mates do nothing or whine a lot or don't show up with out any explanation. Surround yourself with people that are positive and have the same goals.
Remember, you will be communicating / spending time with these people for quite some time.
You don't want to be hanging out with people you can't stand, right?

You can always form a team with your buds but a great way to get to know new friends is inviting or asking new people to be part of your squad. And sometimes, even the best buddies make such horrible team mates so choose wisely.

Paradise Kiss cosplay group
Miwako Sakurada by Sese, Arashi Nagase by Abu,
George Koizumi by Devian Grey, Yukari "Caroline" Hayakasa by Jin,
Isabella Yamamoto by me and photo by JRJS

*Decline politely or ask to join properly
In connection with what is mentioned above.
There are a lot of existing groups already. If someone wants to join your group or someone invites you for theirs, what ever your reasons are, decline politely if  you can't or don't want to. Don't ignore or leave someone hanging or tell them petty reasons (like the they aren't good enough or their portfolio sucks or you just don't like them). How you let people know can say a lot about not only you but also your group.

If you want to join a group then ask properly and whatever the outcome is, accept it and do not take it so personally if you are declined (politely or not).

*Commit and give it your all
As the saying goes, there is no I in TEAM.
You will be in a team, you agreed and got yourself into it so give it your all so as to not drag anyone else down.
You chose to be in this situation so do your best and make that cosplay as fun and awesome together.

Love Colored Ward cosplay group
Megurine Luka by me, Hatsune Miku by Minami,
Kagamine Rin by Sese, Meiko by Soleil and photo by z3LL
although I love my group, I hate that we rushed and didn't talk much...
so if you look closely, you'd see stuff like our nurse caps not matching... ;(
anyway, a story to share, for this cosplay, sese handled the location for the shoot and I loaned Soleil my meiko wig.

*Communicate and coordinate
Talk about your plans and update each other with your progress constantly.
One of the great things about being in a group is you learn a lot of new things and skills.
Costs can also be possibly reduced because (once you've established enough level of trust, that is), you can share and borrow stuff between members.

If there is a problem or glitch, let your group mates know immediately and work together to solve it.

Ask for help and give it when needed. You aren't flying solo, support each other. :)

I'd just like to mention that it disappoints me greatly when a group doesn't look like they belong with each other. I mean, I see tons of group cosplays but sadly their uniforms don't look so uniform, for example. Like they picked their characters and just decided to show up in a con together. Awesome individually but not so much as a group... You'd see teams in uniform with varying shades of the same color and lacking that element that just make them look like part of the same collection.

Make an effort to look like you belong from one unit.

Don't be a stranger in your own team.
Make time and work together. Most of the time, the bonding and behind the scenes make the experience all the more memorable.
Don't be afraid to talk to your team.
Don't be shy and reach out. Team mates today, possibly best buds in the future :D

Critique each other, help each other, support each other and make each other better.
If you have any concerns, raise them and talk it out with the group.

Eager Love Revenge cosplay group
So many set backs with this cosplay, from Meiko getting sick to the original miku and len backing out.
But we did it and our efforts paid off!
photo by Aeade
cosplayer info on the photo
a bit of story, we couldn't find a replacement miku at short notice, luckily we talked about options and my sister was available but she didn't have a costume so the night before, lunaru and I were texting while she dyed the gloves and made the costume and I was busy with the megaphones and other accessories like the belt, bag and arm band

ELR Hatsune Miku cosplay by Minami
photo by z3LL
looks great if you ask me, the product of me and lunaru working to get this done on time <3
hindi naman halatang rushed, diba? hahhaha

*Respect each other
You are in a team, for goodness' sake. If you respect your team mates you wouldn't pull down anyone or intentionally over shadow your team mates. Making yourself look good doesn't make you a better cosplayer or person for that matter.

If your priority is to be the one with best costume with little thought about your team then your prioroties are seriously whacked. YOU ARE IN A TEAM. You shouldn't try to outshine each other.

A thing to note, you can still work with people you don't like as long as you can respect them.

*Work around setbacks
Setbacks are inevitable. But whatever it is, there will be a solution.
Don't sweat it, communicate and take action!

Whate ever it is, what ever problem, LET YOUR TEAM KNOW. If you get sick or need to pull out, tell your team so they can get a replacement or something.
Let them know and tell them the reason. Don't feed your team any cock and bull story.
You committed. If you respect your team then you will tell them the truth and they will understand and they can do something about what ever it is.

Crisis averted and no friendship tarnished.

You will disagree, you will quarrel and you will get pissed off one way or another, accept that this is also part of the process. Just move on, solve the problem, and don't let it get to you. ;D

Saber group cosplay
Saber Lily by Mikachu, Saber Nero by Alodia,
 Saber Alter by Ku Ri, Saber Gift by me
photo by Jio Verona
We got wigs of the same brand from the same supplier.
Special thanks to Team M.A.R.C.H. for assisting and make some of the parts and weapons of our costumes

*Plan and delegate tasks
Someone needs to step up and take the reigns. Some one needs to be the leader but leaders don't have to be bossy jerks. In line with respecting your team mates and communicating, if someone is getting too whiny, jerky or not doing anything at all, tell them. They may not be aware or the stress may be getting to them.

Delegate tasks so that everyone has a job to do and everyone can feel included.
Talk about materials, or get supplies from the same place, agree on a time line and think about possible problems that may occur and how to handle them.

This may sound silly but thinking about props, poses and positioning should also be considered.
Come debut day, you wouldn't want to look like a bunch of uncoordinated deer that got blinded with head lights, right? LOL

It would be a shame if you couldn't get nice photos with everyone clearly visible, despite everybody working so hard, yes? Get pegs and agree on what poses and formation your team will do.

Plan what to do and execute.
Encourage everyone to have a role and play it.

Play to your strengths and contribute to the team.

*Practice, rehearse and drill
Well, this is especially important if you'd be performing or entering a competition.
Pretty self explanatory, but just reminding everyone, you agreed to be part of the group so make time and do your part.

Remember that you will be a team. You are not alone, be considerate of each other and work towards your goal together. Remember to make your cosplay cohesive. Give time to your group. Respect and communicate. Also, don't forget to have fun <3

Also, don't take anything too personally, this would only cause problems and will drain the fun out of anything.

Daily Lives of High School Boys cosplay 
Hidenori Tabata by Kyo, Tadakuni by Jeyel and Yoshitake Tanaka by me
photo by Jenco
worked on this cosplay while I was in Japan and Jeyel and Kyo was in the Philippines
mostly big thanks for them both because I basically did nothing hahahahah
well, on the shoot day we had our pegs ready, we talked about props and look! our uniforms match! 
nicely done costumes by Loki's Haven <3

I am not a member of any cosplay group... and as you can see, I don't have a lot of group cosplays.
I'm mostly alone or with my sister or I have a pair cosplay but I'm mostly by my lonesome.

I wish I had more, maybe a group of my own, too. (or even just a permanent partner XD) Because it really is leagues and mountains more fun being in a group. I love the time we get to bond whilst working on the costumes and the after cosplay dinners and hang out (and the sharing stuff hahahaha).

Sure there were deadlines that I had to meet, and sometimes arguments, and I couldn't laze around like I normally do but the experience was well worth it. Also, I'd love to do more costume details, accessories and armor and stuff but there are times I don't want to be the one wearing the costume hahahaha.


Some group cosplays, that deserve some recognition!
Gensomaden Saiyuki cosplay group by Team Gongcha
Sha Gojo by Devian Grey, Genjyo Sanzo by Kyo, Cho Hakkai by Ambokiko and Son Goku by Jeyel
photo by Romeo "Strong" Encisa
not only nostalgic but awesomely executed, I am actually more glad that I wasn't able to be this awesome group's Hakkai as they found an even better replacement

Love Live cosplay by Tonari no Tsun Tsun
photo by Teh Lazie Neko Photostream
everyone looks great and coordinated!
I just love this team so much, they are all so cute and adorable <3 they always look so good together even though sometimes they don't always cosplay characters from the same series but when they do... just... wow

Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay by the Tux Team
photo by Erving Go
love the mood and how just everyone looks so uniform!
look at all those matching boots and gear. adds more to the overall feel of the cosplay and the series they are doing.
looks so well planned and executed magnificently.

Remember these tips and have fun with your group cosplay!
I hope you walk away with more friends and stronger relationships rather than broken ties.
Happy cosplaying, everyone!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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  1. nothing beats group cosplays indeed! it's almost always what I look forward to.. ESP when you all come together for photos and reenacting memorable scenes to last a lifetime! :3