Saturday, August 11, 2012


^Ahhhh... Gundam...
Out of all the gundam series, I can safely say that Endless Waltz and Gundam Seed and Destiny are my most favorite.

I am still itching to cosplay Duo Maxwell but maybe when my crossplay skills have truly leveled up. hehehe

Anyway, I really like the SEED and Destiny series, that whole coordinators versus the naturals plot was something very interesting for me because I think that in the future, genetically enhanced human beings would be possible.

Back in 2009, I thought I'd try to cosplay Lacus, I just bought a pink wig out of impulse then.
It seemed a shame to not use it. My Lacus cosplay was a spur of the moment decision, I pulled out a plain dress from my closet, made Lacus' hair clip out of a hello panda box and asked a friend to borrow from another friend a haro. Also, I didn't have purple contact lenses so I used blue ones. Talk about an overnight cosplay.

I liked Lacus' aristocratic background, her awesome singing voice and her peaceful nature. Her pink hair also pulled me to her. Pink haired singers really fascinate me hahaha

It wasn't a bad cosplay, but it was very noobish, plus I felt like I cheated...
Fast forward to 2011, I finally had some cash and decided to re-cosplay Lacus just to give me peace of mind.

I chose Lacus's more simple outfits because I intended to cosplay Lacus during the summer, but plans got pushed back further and we came to 2012.

I used the same wig I used before but styled it a bit further, I got myself a real costume as seen in one of the episodes, I had a humongous haro, I got purple contact lenses, I made a better hairpin and I got better make up skills and awesome photogs to document said cosplay.

I liked cosplaying Lacus so much that I wore the costume three times hahahaha That's something as usually, when I am happy with a cosplay, I move on to other characters. So many cosplay plans, so little time and money XDD

Character: Lacus Clyne
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Gundam SEED
Photos by: z3LL, Macky Rentoy
2012, worn on multiple occasions so yeah XDD

 big ass haro bought at a super low price, it was red before and dirty and had very minimal damage
the seller was quick to get it off his hands hahaha
I cleaned le haro up and repainted him :3
haro as a hat is an idea by z3LL

Lacus Clyne cosplay
 with the lake that looked nice

 see my hairpin? ^______^V

 this one is by macky of dreamshot photgraphy^^

Lacus Clyne
trying to be cute hahahahaha

I really like my costume, mad props to my most trusted seamstress. I loved how she executed the folds on the top part of the costume, looks just like origami! Most cosers I see just put ruffles on there, but am super glad mys seamstress tried and succeeded in imitating that part :3

Also, my costume was made entirely out of geena as I was low on budget then , the color was just right and I wanted the dress to be light and flowy as originally I planned on this costume to be for summer. Since now I am done with Lacus, mebbe I'll try to cosplay Meer as well? hehehehe

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Oh Yuu! Your cosplays are so adorable! :) Really love 'em all! Luv yah too of course! (And miss yah! Hehe)


  2. Go for Duo!! MORE LOVE FOR OUR DUO plox! kase so far ako pa lang cosplayer sa pinas.. ? lol i wanna reap a live one! :3

    and ur lacus, simple & sweet~ just like you sweetie! <3