Sunday, August 12, 2012

FREYA Cosplay

So I tried reviving my very first cosplay but I failed...
I don't know... but I think my face has grown old or something, cosplaying Freya was hard.
My face looked wrong it most of the shots >_<
I don't know...
Prolly coz the lighting was bad?
My wig wasn't right...
Or maybe hindi lang talaga bagay...

Oh well... I tried...
But since Freya and I don't go well together, I think it's time I throw in the white towel...

The first time I wore this costume, it was bad and I vowed to make it better. Maybe this time around, my heart just wasn't into it...I don't know...

Anyway, even though it was really bad the first time around, I am very proud that our first costume is really finely made.

Freya was the first Chobit, who was created before Elda by Hibiya's husband, Ichiro Mihara. Freya was created to be Hibiya's daughter, because she was unable to bear children of her own.

 Freya does everything she can to ensure that Chi will find the person just for her. Freya comforts Chi when she is in distress, guides her to understand her feelings for Hideki, and intervenes when she is in danger.

It was my sister who talked me into going with Chobits as our first cosplay, she liked Chii a lot. The series is cute hehehehe It's heart warming and light. Freya appealed to me because like me, she was the older one and she loved her sister greatly and did her best to protect Chii.

This is the most decent pic I could find of that faithful first cosplay.
This was a stage shot, we didnt't know what to do and I did not even think about it until we were on stage already LOL Super expensive wigs that were bad, paper mache persocon ears, barely any make up, no contact lenses and drooping head gears. At first, I didn't want to share any of our old cosplays until I have revamped them, but I figured everybody was bad at some point in their lives. I started in this hobby not knowing anything or anyone, but because I was genuinely interested to learn more, over time I improved. =) So those who are new or aspiring to get on this hobby, don't worry, do your best, be eager to learn, have fun and eventually you'll be able to do good cosplays. ^^

Many thanks to the one who took this shot, whoever you are.

This is the Freya costume, unchanged since last used in 2009.

The dress and most of the costume is made of black satin. Then I hand sewed all those black button thingy details one by one - yeah, I was that involved in the making of our costumes, even brought some parts to school just to finish on time heheheh

The hem of the dress

The back thingy XD

details of the back thingy XD it is like a cape but for your butt, oooh! this shall now be known as the butt cape thingy hehehehe XDD

The back of the costume with out the butt cape thingy XD it attaches like a belt on either side.
I murdered an old hand bag and salvaged the buckles for this costume hehehe
The dress has built in foam boob cups so one does not have to fear about any "bakats"
That is black organza you see at the ends.
As you can see, the costume can fit a wide variety of sizes as it can be adjusted at the back.

When you attach the butt cape thingy it looks like this from the side.

Now with the butt cape thingy safely attached.
Pardon my back, it was tied in a rush so we didn't bother aligning everything XD

The accessories! 
 Everything is attached with velcro. These are the lower part of the sleeves

 The arm band has velcro, too

The arm things when worn. That black thing in the middle that is matte in color is an old pair of socks which I cut just to make the costume more accurate. hehehe

 The collar

Oh poo. I forgot to take a photo of the front of the collar, so please be contented with the back XD
Most people say I am lucky to have a back free of acne, I think so, too. Praise the heavens! XD
Though I do get rashes and red stuff on my skin easily, oh well, can't have everything. :D

The lower part of the dress, or the skirt has a built in petticoat made of black tulle, after that there is another layer of black satin to which black organza is attached then there's the actual dress, so in total, the dress has three layers of skirt. And eww, don't mind my fugly nails. orz
Grecco is a tough topcat, you nail polish will stay on LONGER once doused with grecco, on purpose or by accident.

Our seamstress would have been really awesome if she can make good headgears but she can't, she's still very skilled though. I made this coz our old head gear was made of fabric and they drooped which was to me, sad. This is made of rubbersheet, btw

Now for the few when worn photos.
I only have a few shots coz I got tired and it was hot >_<
Long haired characters are such a hassle... As I was changing into the costume I thought of maybe holding on to it longer and then when I was done, I remembered how grueling the whole costume was so my decision is now solid, I'm letting this go. hehehehe

Character: Freya
Cosplay by Yuu Shomura
Series: Chobits
Genre: Anime/ Manga
Photos by: Minami Shomura
Costume by Ate Mercy Torres and Yuu Shomura
Special Thanks to Nikki GevaƱa for the persocom ears 

 Full body shot
I has so many dead angles =(
I can make persocon ears now but I still prefer using this one made by my Hagu, oh I miss her lots...

The most decent one of all and this had to go under major adjustments! Lighting in our house is bad :'(

I tried... =(
Hope they are decent enough, to all those who like Freya very much, please forgive me.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. what i like the most is the head gear made of rubber sheet >_< really good. nee san do you have tutorials in making armors :> ?

  2. You're a really cool ojou-san for being able to cosplay that well! Would you be open for a suggestion? I hope you don't take it the wrong way, but since you've covered almost all the bases, you may want to try your hand at contouring your nose a bit? It really adds to the drama of your make-up.. ^^