^Make up is an essential part of any cosplay, it completes the whole costume.
Accentuates assets and hides ugly blemishes.
Please do not confuse photoshop with make up cause PHOTOSHOP IS THE ONE THAT MAKES EVERYONE LOOK BETTER. ahehehehe >_<

Why use make up when you cosplay?
Because! Because my dear readers and (aspiring) cosplayers, you can rarely see anime charecters with ugly and not perfect skin. Now, I am not saying that you have ugly skin, please do not take it the wrong way. I'm just saying, our skin needs a little help sometimes and we do not want to see photos of ourselves (in cosplay and in any other situation) looking not our best. Make up will help us with that, that's all I am saying.

You already dressed up so why not dress your face up as well so that the cosplay will come together better?

I don't mean that you should slap every kind of make up on your face, just enough to smooth out your skin and give you a more anime-ish look.


Another thing, I am in no way an expert, but with the experience that I have, this is what I know (at present XD)

Okay, with that out of the way, let's start! *rocket blast off!*


What is a BB cream? Well, BB stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base.

It was initially used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes. Additionally, BB cream encourages skin regeneration and helps to maintain youthful skin. --->got this off wikipedia. LOL
So, as its name implies, it makes skin all smooth and prettiful.

You can find this in Malls. And Price ranges from 150Php upto around 1,000PhP

The Brand that I use is Maybeline cause it's:
-affordable, costs only 249Php in Watsons
-it's for all skin types and shades
-it's 8 in 1! 8! it's a moisturizer, sun block, concealer, foundation and lots more!

Anime don't have uneven skin nor do they have lots of blemishes (they have very few moles and very rarely have pimples, usually their acne just lasts for a day aheeheehehe). BB cream will help you achieve skin perfection! So you should have one in you bag! Or kit, or what ever it is that you call the thing you put your make up in. LOL

Elianto's BB cream is also good but that one is around 700Php.

Another reason why I like BB creams is cause you don't need to re touch very much plus it doesn't blotch up or make buo-buo in some parts of your face when you get all sweaty and stuff.

jaRoukaSama's tip!:
I'd advise that you choose a BB cream that is most suited to your skin, try some out before sticking to a particular brand. In make up, just because it is expensive doesn't mean it will give the best results, and not all cheap ones are bad. It all depends whether your skin reacts to its (negatively, I mean) or not.


After the BB cream I put on foundation.

You need one, too. Get one that has a mirror and sponge so that you can put it in your pocket and you can check yourself and be able to re touch easily.

Foundations are for smoothening out your face so it is a must.


Eyeliners can greatly enhance you eyes. They come in lots of colors and kinds. Some are liquid, gel and in the traditional pencil type.

Get yourself the basic black, a non glittery white and other colors.

The black is for defining your eyes, they are for shaping the eyes. White is used to line the lower parts of the eyes to make them bigger, and the colored ones are for fun aheheeheheh No,I kid, I kid. XD But you can use them to add more drama to the eyes and color you eyebrows to match your wig.

I like Nichido's colored eyeliners cause they are cheap aheheehehe around 80php for one and I prefer fashion 21's white eyeliner cause it's not glittery or in anyway silvery, it's just white like its supposed to be. aheheheheh


Keep it basic, stick to the usual colors. Fleshy and white ones are most frequently used. Anime characters are not big on colorful make up. The flesh and silver would add to making your eyes brighter and when used correctly will add to the moe moe effect or the smexy/ bitchy look, depends on what look you'd like to achieve.

But it would not hurt to have variety, cause eyeshadow can also be used to color your eyebrows and the brown can be used for contouring.^^


These are for applying lip color or eyeshadow or blush. Those little sponge wand thingies easily disintegrate and are easily lost. Unlike brushes that are handy ahehehehhehe You don't need an extravagant set, just ones that you know that are essential. There are some cheap ones too, dont worry^^


You want your eyes to stand out most so these are must haves, too. What kind of eyes don't have eye lashes? aheheeheehe

I personally use false eyelashes to make my eyes pop more cause I have not so big eyes but if you're a Filipino and you are already blessed with those fabulously big eyes then you have little need for them, mascara alone would be fine^^

But if you still want more poppage (is that even a word? aheehehehehe I mean if u want your eyes to pop more) then falsies would not hurt. =3


Anime characters are not big on color as I said, and if you noticed their "dressed up with make up" is just with lip gloss and they magically seem to be more beautiful XD

Anyway, with the foundation and other stuff on your face, your lips will likely go blah. For moe, school girls and basically characters that are not dressed up a non glittery or glossy lip balm will do.

Nude lipstick is for crossplays, specifically girls wanting to portray boy characters and if you are a boy who wants to portray a girl character, go for the glossy lip gloss.

So those are the basic, colored lipstick ain't bad to have either cause you can also use them to color your eyebrows.
Some characters really like color and are wild on their choice.

Examples are:
Misa Amane (Death Note), a red glossy lipstick is a must.
Alexander Jagi III (Detroit Metal City), black lipstick.
Cornelia li Britania (Code Geass) has the signature purple lipstick.

Let us review:
-non glossy lip balm = general cosplay
-glossy lip gloss = dressed up characters or boys crossplaying as girls
-nude lipstick = girls crosplaying as boys


By others I mean:
a sanitizer or alcohol - for cleaning your hands before you put on your make up.
Tissue and cotton buds or q-tips - for clean ups
Cologne - because you want to always smell good, no matter how pretty you are, people will run in the other direction if you smell bad.

Wondering why I didn't include blush on? Cause I feel you don't need it and I rarely use it. Anime Characters blush only on special occasions. The important thing is for you to have smooth skin and big eyes. But if you want pink cheeks then go ahead. aheheehehe

This concludes my blog about what your Cosplay Make up Kit should have.
Here's mine by the way, with Lacus Clyne to model aheheheheheeh XD
Yeah, yeah. It IS a belt bag hahahahahahha
No one was using it so I made it my cosplay make up kit XD

oh and all photos are by me using z3LL's camera.
sorry, they ain't great XD
I don't have the "gift" ahehehee
thanks so much for lending z0mg to me! ~♥

Tenma Zero bids you farewell! Now be gone, cretins! *geass powers activate* Mwahahahahahaha


  1. Yes I have to approve very much. If you want to look your best during cosplay, using make-up is not a vain idea. Especially if you really need to make a certain look for a specific character.

    For me the most important items in a make-up kit should include concealer, foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, and lipstick. Blush-on is optional because not all characters require blush/pink cheeks.

    I am an AVON lady XD But I am going to check out BB Cream for me and my cousin. :)

  2. yes, make up can really help us out. coz some characters have very unique features and we are only humans, me mga limitation dn mukha natn and that is where make up comes in.

    yay! another BB user! hehehehehehe yay! for BB cream! ^^