Wednesday, January 26, 2011


^Lemme start this entry by narrating how my Dead Master Cosplay came to be.

Actually, DM was never in my plan.

My friends, headed by Gelaii~chan, were gonna have a Black Rock Shooter Photoshoot in Cavite, their original Dead Master was supposed to be Gelaii's sister but for some reason she wasn't gonna be there. z3LL thought that I can be Dead Master since I was gonna come along anyway. Gelaii agreed and volunteered to lend me all the Dead Master stuff except for the dress because she thought it might not fit me.
I wanted to help them out and the dress was easy enough so I agreed.
Then things went very badly for me. I already had the dress made but my platelet count dropped so fast and I got a fever so high you could not believe. Yep, I was a candidate for dengue and sadly I was not able to come to the shoot... =(

I felt so bad but thank heavens they were able to get someone to replace me as Dead Master and their shoot was a success! All this happened in the last week of August. After like 2 weeks of confinement and no baths, (I felt so grossed out of myself hahahhahha I was only able to take sponge baths for 14 days!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaa) I was recovering nicely.

I almost forgot about the Dead Master dress. But I saw it hanging in one of my closets, I thought what a shame for it to go to waste so I started making the horns, then the wings, then the scythe. hahahhahahha
In the end, I went ahead with my Dead Master cosplay and I am very happy with it. ^^ It is even one of my favorites! hhahaha

I have been blabbing about Dead Master all this time. Well, for those who do not know who or what Dead Master is, here is a little info about her.

Dead Master is the "other self" of Takanashi Yomi. She is a character from the 50 minute OVA Black Rock Shooter (ブラック★ロックシューター Burakku Rokku Shūtābased on the song of the same name by Supercell and its accompanying music video with illustrations by Huke. 

I don't want to give too much away, just watch the OVA, it is only 50 minutes! ahhahahha

Making the props was horrifying XD but very very fun and I learned a lot, this was a major project for me since I don't usually make big things like these. 

Here is a photo of my Dead Master cosplay.

The first time I wore it was during Best of Anime 2010 (19 Sept. 2010 in SMX)
photo by z3LL

Notice that I do not have claws in my DM debut.
Do not fret, I have worked hard on improving this cosplay everytime I wore it.

Wore it again for the SM Cyberzone Halloween Meet and Greet in SM Fairview.
I made a LOT of children cry. hehhehhhhe >_< (30 Oct. 2010)
There were a few who got curious and tried befriending me the "Grim Reaper Girl".
There was even one who really made my day, she was wearing a fairy princess outfit, all of her little friends were crying when they saw me but she came up to me and gave me candy. Awwwwwww

Again in UP AME Track 10 in SMX 9 (13 Nov. 2010)

Sadly, even though this is one of my favorite costumes, I had to let go of it. I needed cash and frankly it was just so hard bringing it to cons.

This cosplay is a first in many ways, it is my first antagonist cosplay and first cosplay which I had so many bulky props.

I had a shoot to properly document my favorite cosplay before it went to its new home.

Prepping time.
Photo by z3LL, he loves taking these before and after shots XD
No edit what so ever. Look at my bad not yet finished 
with make up face. LOL

Here are some of my favorite shots of the day. Prepare for Image overloaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd!!~ hahahhaah

Character: Dead Master (Takanashi Yomi's "other self")
Cosplay by Yuu Shomura
Series: Black Rock Shooter
OVA / Vocaloid Song
Photos by: z3LL
Taken January 2011 in QMC

A close up of the awesome contact lens by my friend wildquaker

My most favorite photo of the bunch. Edited, decreased saturation.
This one is in DA so its prettier than the rest of the photos in this entry. hehehee

Full body shot with the scythe

Look at my claws hehehehheh

The Horns in all its glory XD

An action shot? hehhehheehe

A DA upload by z3LL

Super thanks for Ms. Jewelsz for adopting my DM costume.
To Romeo for the awesome lens.
To Gelaii for thinking that I would make a good DM.
And to z3LL for the awesome photos, support and lots more. heheheheheh *the fonz* *hug*

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Awesome cosplay!!

    Funny that I was just looking at Dead Master's figure a while ago.

    I am curious how the claws was made. They looked like real prolonged fingers!! :O

  2. hi dukesan, thanks so much ^^! heheheheh
    the claws... hmmm well i bought them during the halloween season sa SM, ganyan na tlga porma nila, they are severed witch fingers according to the packaging. hehehe i just painted them black^^

  3. i just wanted to ask how to attach the wings?

  4. you put it on the same way you put on a back pack XD. heheheh

  5. what contact lens did you use? :)
    planning to have dead master cosplay too. :)

  6. @mistaken princess: im sorry, i have no idea, got those lens from a friend of mine >_< i wish u well on ur cosplay though^^

  7. ay sayang. hahaha. :D ganda kasi ng lens, prang glowing. :D

  8. ^maybe you can ask my friend who got it for me XD try contacting him at

  9. How do you make the horns and wings and scythe xD ablablabla hahaha xDD

  10. I'm going on a cosplay revo in Cavite and I chose dead master :3 It'll be my first time to join and I'm bothered about the costume and stuffs. Ur making this outfit by yourself? It's cool and it's beautiful :D

  11. cool.. where did you get those contact lens?

  12. Hi! I just want to ask if your dressis really backless >_< thanks and im waiting for your reply :3