Saturday, May 16, 2015

Inspirational Cosplayers

^... a very biased list of inspirational cosplayers.

One of the best way to improve on your cosplay is to simply improve your cosplay attitude.
Of course, that starts with yourself but you also need someone to inspire you and lead you down the right path.

Here are some cosplayers I admire because of how awesomely passionate they are with their cosplays and craft, and their beautiful outlooks in life and this hobby.

In no particular order:

Yaya Han as Carmilla of Vampire Hunter D
See more from Yaya Han in Facebook and her official website

Yaya Han has hundreds of costumes and it was so hard to pick one to post here as her profile photo.
Between her Le Blanc Witch, Chun Li, Bat Girl, Red Queen, and Psylocke... aurgh!

This woman has never had even a hair out of place, I dare you to look at her photos and find any loose thread or wig fiber or anything out of order. With Yaya, everything is always as it should.

Her costumes are magnifique, cleanly made and the attention to detail, wow.

There are those who say that Yaya is a bitch, I have never met her so I don't know so I will reserve judgement on that, but from I see, I see someone who has passion and willing to go the distance to make a kick-ass cosplay.

Melting Mirror as Shiva Sisters' Styria of FFXIII
Nix cosplay by Kudrel

Melting Mirror has a lot of variety in her cosplays, from games to movies, to anime, and comics.
I was browsing through DA one day and I came across this cosplay of hers, started following her from that day on.

She is just full of positive tips and constantly shares features, contests, and cosplay related news.

She is also one of the first cosplayers who inspired me to make better crafts.

Kamui as a female Barbarian from Diablo
See more of Kamui in her Facebook and website

First saw Kamui thanks to a feature by Cosplay Gen. Her work is just astounding. I love how she paints her armors. She has released books to help anyone make their own costumes from worbla, patterns to painting tips.

I enjoy watching her videos, I find her accent cute. hehehehe /blush

*KAIKA / ELPHEAL of The Cosplay Chronicles
Kaika as Shana from Shakugan no Shana III
See more of Kaika in her Facebook and website

Kaika is just an over all sweet and thoughtful lady. She shares everything she knows, from make up, skin care, how to make costumes, cosplay related issues, travels and more.

She is certainly one of the cosplayers I greatly admire. Great costumes, awesome photos, passionate performances, kind words for everyone = Kaika

Pinky Lu Xun as Oichi of Samurai Warriors 4
See more of Pinky Lu Xun in her Facebook and her team's world cosplay account

Pinky is just so nice and adorable. I love how warm and kind she is to all her fans, super friendly (although we have never met), you can really see how she values people who support her.

And she's even more awesome when she is with her cosplay group, Endless Illution.

Green Makakas for Code Geass
See more of Green Makakas in Facebook and their Deviant Art

Goodness, just inspiring. Green Makakas is a cosplay group that takes cosplay and photography to the next level. Talk about fandom going to the extremes, in a good way, of course. Their concepts that still fully convey the core of the series is just mind blowing. Truly a labor of love as there is no way these concepts will come to fruition if you don't know the series well enough or didn't think about it thoroughly. They are truly a passionate bunch who like to spread cosplay love and they answer questions as much as they can.

Maki as Sharrkan of Magi
See more of Maki in her Facebook and Deviant Art

I think only z3LL knows this, but now it won't be a secret anymore. hahahaha
I simply adore Maki. If there is anyone who I think could be a great Philippine representative to the world stage of cosplay, it is Maki.

Maki is nice, I have never heard anything bad about her. She cosplays simply for the love of it and focuses on making her costumes and churning out good outputs and organizing awesome group cosplays. Maki has enough experience and has quality cosplays on top of a very nice personality, she is also a prime example that awesome cosplayers don't always have to be from the capital.
And an added bonus is, since she is half Japanese, she can speak Nihongo quite well.

Definitely, someone able to carry the Philippine pride well. Definitely someone to look up to. <3

Ae Ri's Rathalos X armor of Monster Hunter
See more of Ae Ri in her Facebook

Such a beautiful girl, Ae Ri is. A true artist with a pure heart. The first time I saw Ae Ri, wow.
I went to see her perform in a competition as she was a potential rival. hahahah Yeah, I went to check out the competition. hehe Her costume was so amazing, her coloring style made such an impact and I honestly felt threatened. hahahaha

But really, Ae Ri is such a good natured person that it is hard not to like her. I am lucky we wound up being friends. <3

Krizdel as Diablo The Prime Evil (Leah) of Diablo III
See more of Krizdel in her Facebook 

To put it simply, Krizdel has hands blessed by God. No, you don't question this. Just see her works for yourself and you will shut up, I swear.

Simply, wondrous and dumbfoundingly amazing!
She doesn't involve herself with any drama and just makes astounding works of art.

Jin Joson, Kat Langomez and Miguel Mercado as Hiro Hamada, Aunt Cass and Tadashi Hamada of Big Hero 6
See more of Tux Team in Jin's Facebook and website

Behindinfinity to most, Jin and her pals are a merry bunch who just have personalities so bright it is almost blinding. I mean, they transform so well into their chosen characters but despite that, their awesome selves still shine through which makes their cosplays a little bit more intimate and special.

You can really see the love they put into every cosplay they have, you can't help but feel inspired.
What's even more awesome is, whenever they go to cons, they are so light and accommodating so you end up loving them more.

Jin and the Tux Team are really dedicated, too. Check out their pages and see their progress and the fun they have for each cosplay.
They are the true champions of cosplay for fun.

Cosplay for fun but they still manage to produce such remarkable things.


"Hey! Why isn't *insert name of other famous and very beautiful cosplayer here* in this list!?"

Of course I love Reika, Kaname, Yuegene Fay, Rainer Tachibana, Maridah, Gesha, Aza Miyuko, and Spiral Cats, and all them beautiful people of perfection.
Who doesn't love beautiful people?!
I follow them, too, and ogle at them but...

It's one thing to be physically attractive as most people will automatically think that you'd look great in anything when you're cute/hot.
I am not saying that the people I mentioned in this list aren't beautiful because they are (or the ones I didn't list down aren't because honestly everyone is beautiful in their own way), it's just that, these cosplayers have beauty that isn't stereotypical.
They aren't exactly super model beauties, but I love them more because you can really see their transformation with every cosplay plus their beautiful attitudes, I think that makes them even more amazing.
They don't just share their cosplays, they share their love of the hobby and that to me, makes them even more special and therefore inspirational.

I follow these cosplayers and read through their posts, not that I am a stalker, but I like to believe that they let their followers see a bit of their true selves with their posts and because of that, I have gotten to know a portion of them sans the costume.

Everybody listed here are all amazing cosplayers, I purposely said as little as I can as I wish for you to discover for yourself how good people with passion make for better cosplayers. Follow them and get inspired, too!

Can't have enough positive influences, right?
So, who are the cosplayers that inspire you?

Last note:
I'd like to add more cosplayers that I seriously think are such good role models but sadly, they don't have pages or have very few photos...

I wanted so badly to include Markee Ilano in this list but Markee refuses to make a page and I can't get any good solo photos of his cosplay... Why is Markee inspirational? Because despite all that he has achieved in the Philippine cosplay scene, he remains humble and true to himself, no pretensions, just fun and pure passion.
Markee as Bentham, alias Mr. 2 Bon Kurei One Piece
hahahahha Mars, wag ka na magreklamo, you deserve all the good things that came to you kasi nag effort ka naman 
at pinaghirapan mo lahat yan. hahaha

thanks for reading!
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