Bucket list check + more cosplay ambitions

^I made a cosplay bucket list in 2011.
I realize that I have mostly done what I wanted in my run as a cosplayer.
Some were unexpected but I am very thankfully that about half of the list has been ticked off.

Now, to add more ambitions to that list hehehehe

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Yes, very ambitious. XDD
So far, I have only one cartoon cosplay, and that is Fionna from Adventure Time.
Technically, I do have a mecha cosplay but I don't check off cosplays until the costume has had a proper photoshoot.

Ok, let's make a new list and carry over the items left from the previous list.

⬜ Host a cosplay event or at least be a presenter 
⬜ Be a judge
⬜ Have a mecha cosplay
⬜ Have a mecha cosplay made by me
⬜ Have a daring cosplay
⬜ Have a very moe cosplay
⬜ Have a monster cosplay
⬜ Accomplish a very extravagant cosplay
⬜ Have a cosplay PV
⬜ Assemble a super epic group cosplay
⬜ Have a sentai cosplay
⬜ Be one of the Philippine representatives for WCS
⬜ Bag a prize in WCS for Philippines
⬜ Have a genderbend cosplay
⬜ Have a gijinka cosplay
⬜ Have a cosplay of a live character/ celebrity (Kyary cosplay! XDD)
⬜ Accomplish my Sailormoon cosplay dream (me in all the charas I like. Cheeky, ain't I?)
⬜ Have a collaboration cosplay with some epic people like (Mimi Mon and Kuri)
⬜ Visit Australia for cosplay and fun!
⬜ Meet Yaya Han
⬜ Have a Disney cosplay

Chun Li cosplay
photo by jenco

Also, from now on I'd like to focus on more shoots. Locations, studios, with lots of planning and impeccable end products. Like really wow photos that will leave lasting impressions, something that will perfectly showcase my love for the character and series <3

I'd like more elaborate costumes, too. And more cosplays with friends and groups.

I can't think of anymore at the moment. hahahaha
My, what an ambitious list that is. But when one dreams, one should dream high, right?

When the time comes, all I will have are photos and good memories.
So I want my cosplay pics to be as awesome as I can make them.

Thinking about future cosplays and collabs make me so giddy.
I am excited for 2015 and the years to come. <3

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~