Monday, October 28, 2013


^watashi anata no usagi no white
hanete tobikomu mujaki na guraido
uchuu ni koboshita miru kii wei
nee ano kyandi sutaa tabetai na

atashi anata no usagi no back
abarenbou no sexy flag
hippu na rain chiramise denjaa
winku aizu de mune no tanima ni daibu... /ho

Sheryl Nome! May'n! /faints
Yes, one of my most beloved waifus. <3 <3 <3

Cosplayed Universal Bunny Sheryl Nome in her White Bunny along one of my close friends, Jess as my Black Bunny.

The song is just beautiful and the costume, well, Black Bunny's costume was yummy and scandalous. hahahahah

Sheryl Nome Universal Bunny : Black Bunny and White Bunny

The song the costumes are from:

Yes, we love Sheryl.
I was thinking that I wanted to test myself on how far I would go for the love of a character, the black bunny outfit was seriously tempting but due to restrictions *ahemboyfriendahem* it did not materialize.

Lucky, though, that Jess wanted the Black Bunny and asked me to partner up with her.
We mutually agreed that one with out the other is just sad.
That is how I basically became the White Bunny to her Black Bunny.

The costume costed me quite a bit too much, but it's a really well done costume.
Many thanks to Jess for having my back with Sheryl's wig time and time again. <3

Jess and I both love Sheryl Nome, we even rented a studio just for this.
This is a big deal for us as we always shoot in places where permits and payments aren't necessary.
We spend to much on the actual costumes, I think, to be honest.
Either way, an outdoor shoot isn't very practical considering Jess' Black Bunny garb.

Character: Sheryl Nome
Cosplays by  jaRoukasama and Soleil Asalune
Series: Macross Frontier 
Version: Universal Bunny : White Bunny and Black Bunny
Photos by: Raisa de Pano and Aeade
Costumes by Atelier Luna and the cosplayers

Thanks to Jess for lending me the wig.
Romeo, Pepz, Ian, Sese, Alfred and Duane for assisting in the shoot.

White Bunny Sheryl Nome
My favorite solo shot by Raisa 
Raisa is truly talented, just love her colors in taking photographs
Plus she's easy to work with and takes time to adjust things and help with poses. ;D

Despite how the photo above looks, standing like that was very stable.
I added the gold lines for a previous cosplay, tried to get it off but the soft leather tried to come with it so I left it there. Looks ok, though... at least I think it does XDD

Universal Bunny, both the White and Black Bunny, are Sheryl Nome. Just different sides of her embodied. Black Bunny being the naughty sexy one and White Bunny being the pure and innocent side.

 Sheryl Nome Macross Frontier cosplay
photo by Raisa de Pano

Universal Bunny : White Bunny Sheryl Nome
The studio we rented had lots of fabrics and props, so we made sure to utilize them

Sheryl Nome : White Bunny
by Aeade

Aeade is a BIG SHERYL LOVER. I hope we didn't disappoint him. He was very patient during the shoot so I want to think he was happy with our Sheryl cos. XDD

Me and Jess had fun. But it was difficult for us because Jess was more uke and I was more seme hahahahah Ironic coz she was supposed to be the Black Bunny and I was supposed to be the White one. XDD

Obligatory yuri-ish shots were few...
Being noobs to a studio photo shoot, we didn't expect that set up would take time...

Joking around also took up valuable shoot time...
Our male helpers knew how to do better sexy poses than us orz
Jess and I called our yuri-ish pics, selfcest cosplay XDD

 Universal Bunny : Itsuwari no Utahime
Black Bunny x White Bunny
photo by Aeade

Black Bunny and White Bunny Sheryl Nome
Photo by Aeade

I don't normally use lipstick for my cosplays but in this case, I just tried to see how it would look. Used pink lipstick to look more youthful.
I think I look different in every shot XDD

I enjoyed cosing Sheryl's White Bunny costume a lot <3
Everyone's help and dedication made it even better, Jess was awesome, too. <3

Universal Bunny : Itsuwari no Utahime : Macross Frontier
Photo and editing by Raisa
just <3 Raisa

Black Bunny Sheryl Nome cosplay
by Soleil Asalune
Because I love Jess, I will end this post with her face <3
Also getting this shot was hard XD
We had to teach Jess booty tooching techniques, how to sit on the edge, used a wind machine and failed, and string technology and power of friendship to make the cape fly XDD
The end product was worth it though. :D
Photo by Aeade

I hope I can do more Sheryl Nome!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


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  2. I salute your friend for wearing the Black Bunny outfit. *sigh* Wish I could eliminate these cellulites around my but and thighs...