Friday, July 8, 2011


^As a kid, I used to watch anime and cartoons a lot.
Now, I still do. hehehheh But there are some series that left a mark
Who doesn't know Heidi, Cedie or Princess Sara?

Anyway, Thanks to a good friend of mine (Markee, thanks so much!), I have cosplayed one of my childhood heroes.
Magical Princess from Akazukin Chacha! Yay!

Magical Princess

Is an anime only character. She is ChaCha's alter ego and comes out when they summon her by combining the power of love, hope and courage.

I basically borrowed the whole costume, dear Markee was so nice to lend it to me and to even help me out in putting the costume on and giving me pointers on how to be an effective Magical Princess.
He is such a dear, and a good cosplayer as well.

I am very happy that a lot of people recognized who I was cosplaying as. Nothing like the usual Sakura or Sailormoon. heheheheh People in the Philippines only seem to know Sakura and Sailormoon as the only female anime characters in the world when ever they see females who cosplay. XD

So anyway, I think I was having too much fun that day that I forgot that I was cosplaying.

My friends joked that I was cosplaying Shivena (another friend of ours that borrowed the costume before me hehehe) who was cosplaying Markee (the owner) who was cosplaying Magical Princess ChaCha. hehehehe

Character: Magical Princess ChaCha
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama 
Series: Akazukin ChaCha
Costume courtesy of Markee
Genre: Anime
Photos by: z3LL unless stated otherwise
Event: TAGCOM 2011
Taken on 22 May 2011 in Robinson's Place Manila

Here are some photos from that day.
Apologies, I was overly gay that day hahahah >_<

Would you believe it took me 2 hours to get ready?
Markee was not happy with how the red fabric hung on me, so they had to re do it until it was approved by Markee.

We were getting frustrated, specially me. hehehe I felt like I was donning on a mecha or armor-heavy outfit. I thought I was gonna be done in a jiffy. XD I was wrong. hahahahah So very wrong.

Thank goodness for Wally, I mean Jameer, who was good at making drape-y things with a cloth. hahhahaah He was my hero that day. hahaahha Look at his concentrating face and my normal face (ewww) XDD It was surprising that the costume fitted me nicely. hehehehe

I was finally done with all the necessary prepping. So we headed out.
Here's me with friends being random and gay.

Group Shot! heeheheh

It was kind of raining and windy that day.
Yep, we worked the wind hehehehhe

The Face Off.
Me vs the owner of the costume.
hehheheeh Markee is cosplaying Vice Ganda as Petrang Kabayo (it's a local show in the Philippines)
Fierce, who's cosplaying who? hehehehhe
Photo by Kuya Henyo /hugs

Photobombed! Tsssss
And this looks like such a good photo...
Photo by Michael Santos

Hahahahahah Look at Markee's face, priceless. hahahaahah
Serves you right for photobombing me. hahahahah
Take down notes, guys. hahhahahaha This is photobombing at its finest XDDD
For maximu effect, position yourself in front of the victim. mwahahahaha

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao! *fan girl scream*
Omaigad! This is just brilliant! hahahahah
So, Imma interview the Pambansang Kamao (National Fist).
Hario was just so cute that day, His imitation of Pacman was great. His moves, awesome. heheheeheh

It's just like having a photo with ze real Pacman! heheeheh
Feeling the moment and doing Pacman's signature Laban (fight) pose.
Photo by Nimrod Lazano

Can not hide how happy I was that day. heheheheeh
Being with friends is a really really great experience =)
Candid shot by Kuya Henyo

Ran into Nilo who is really creative, he spent the day walking around with these. hehheheeh
Borrowed it for a photo op.
Mika and me. heheheh If you don't know what we are holding, then you most prolly have never been trolled. hahahah

For more fun photos from that day, visit z3LL's Flikr account.

Here are proper, non gay photos of my Magical Princess cosplay. hehheheh

Photo by Niko "Shin" Cruz of Hard Boiled Photography

This one is by Alfred Jorrel Bayle

Following are by Edrex Sanchez

Thanks so much guys, had a swell time that day.
Markee, I love you! hehheeheh thanks so much for lending me the costume^^

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~