Sunday, July 17, 2011

How I save for cosplay + White Platform Boots

^I hope by now I have established how expensive this hobby - cosplay, is.
I come from a family that is not exactly rich and not really poor, we are doing ok, fine even.

Cosplay is my thing and I started during the later years of my college education.
I am proud to say that I have never asked my parents for money so I can sustain this passion of mine.

I am working right now and I am doing my best to fulfill my familial obligations.
Between saving up for a college fund, treating my folks to something delicious every now and then and sustaining my needs and wants, how do I still manage to cosplay?

Well, prolly because I really enjoy what I do. That's the main drive, why I save up for it.

When I get my salary (or back then, my allowance), I do my best to not spend it immediately. I allocate where my money should go.

I know this may sound lame but piggy banks really help if you want to save for something. I am not kidding, this sounds like something a kid does but it is effective.

This is Rukawa-kun, he is my piggy bank specifically for cosplay.
At first he gets only 10php coins then when I started working he got 200php every cut off
and what ever change I get everyday.

Here is a great tip, get yourself a piggy bank that has a great sense of fortitude, meaning, it is hard to open so you wont be tempted to open it and buy something else. heeheheheheh Be diligent in "feeding" your little buddy.

Rukawa-kun is great, it is so hard to make him give me anything. I need a screw driver or anything pointy to open him. hahahahah

Since I give him coins most of the time, he is heavy and he doesn't really like people so I keep him in a corner.

He helps me in saving up for my cosplay plans, and I really intended to have platforms boots made from the money that we saved.

One day, I got tagged in Mariz' For Sale album and I saw a lovely pair of boots. I thought they would fit me so I got Rukawa-kun out of his corner and we counted how much we were able to save.

I trained Rukawa-kun so well, I am proud. He gave me a hard time getting all those coins and bills out. XD

Counted everything, and organized all em coins and bills. Soooo many coins, I had some of them changed to a larger bill but here is what it looked liked after all the counting and changing.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! The total was a little over 2,000.00PhP! I was so glad because that meant I could afford ze lovely boots!

I sent Mariz an SMS right away! 

We agreed to meet that week end. I was so ecstatic. hihihihih

The morning of our meet up, it was kind of raining and I realized that it would be totally embarrassing not to mention inconvenient if I handed her these...

I know it is still money but... Ohmaigad. hahahahahahaha

I could just imagine us counting everything. hahahhaha That would be a laugh.

Fortunately, my aunt needed change. A hell lot of it, so I traded my coins for a 1,000.00PhP bill. Whew! Thank goodness! I was saved from embarrassment! hahaha And they were heavy. XDD
So we met up, chatted up a bit and parted ways.

Here is what I bought.

I bought a big white box! weeeeeeeee! Gomen, gomen. I kid. XD
Meiko, is excited to see what I brought home.

Let's open ze box!

Behold! My new lovelies!
Meiko is enjoying the new addition to my collection of shoesies.
She says"hi". =)

They fit so well. >3< I am extremely happy with my purchase.

It's a size 8 or 25 - 25.5 cm: Japanese size with 5 and 1/2 inch heels. Kyaaaaaaaa!~
I usually go for size 9 or 10 because I don't like it when my little piggies aren't able to wiggle freely.
But these boots are just love so I'm willing to endure a few hours of pain. heheheheheh
I am so happy. ♥

Thanks so much Mariz! I am a happy buyer =3 Can't wait to wear these, I'm just not sure when. hehehehe

Oh! And if any of you are wondering, Rukawa-kun and I are saving up for something else now, so his life still has meaning. I didn't leave him empty but he is still sitting in a corner. XDD

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. haha! i like your post <3

    anyway, rukawa looks cute when he was facing the wall.. as if he was punished or something LOL

    I want to have a piggy bank too but it'll make me sad if I break it :(
    and I cant find a piggy with screws..

  2. oohhh you bought her white boots. I got the black version of that :D

  3. @REIKA AMAKUKRA: dun talaga pwesto nya, he likes it that way heheheeh. He doesnt really have screws, he is just so difficult that i need something sharp or pointy to open him, thats why i use a screw driver ehehehehe

    @eclectic memories: we have sister boots heheheeh ^^

  4. Waaahhh YUU you blogged about the boots pala. XD I'm glad you're happy! :D
    I do the same too for my cosplays.. I really save a lot :D

  5. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for white platform boots for my friend ^^,

    (can you give me a hint on where to find one? hehe)

    You do great in cosplay and I like that you never bothered your family about your cosplay expenses. It is something to look up to. :)

    More power!

  6. @nanami - thanks so much darling! the boots are so awesome! yeah, this is OUR hobby, so dapat tayo din ang mag save, wag asa sa iba.

    @sienna - hi dear! i bought mine off a friend, she tagged me in facebook, i'd advise that you be extra careful when buying online. the person i bought the boots from is someone i actually know in real life. try taobao, its a china based shop, just google it.
    or maybe u can try the shops i already reviewed ->

    and thank u for the nice words. hope that helps. thanks so much!