Saturday, April 2, 2011

D.O.D. CALLA cosplay

^I've always, always, alwaaaaaayyyyyyssss wanted my very own ball jointed doll.

Those dollies are so lovely and so expensive...
I often browse for pictures of BJDs, they just look so fragile and so angelic I can't help myself. >_<

Apart from their eerie beauty, their clothes, shoes and accessories are just so wonderful.

Since they cost so much and is way beyond my reach, I decided to just cosplay one instead. hahahaha
But when I do get the money for a BJD, I will definitely buy myself one or two or three or more. heheheheeh

I cosplayed Calla in this version.

"The cries of a baby in the back alley slums of darkness were crushed.Someone dumped the baby.And stranger had disappeared with the baby.

She had an unhappy childhood.She grown up in the slum. 
she spent time in training to practice martial arts in the alley.And she became world street fighter. 

she started doubt her own identity, she entered HM the police for dispeling her doubt.
Dark team of the police in H.M ..
She who has a reputation for being cool-headed,
acute judgments becomes object of fear and wonder to co- workers.

But she is confused by questions about why and how i should be abandoned.

Then .... one day ......"

Dream of doll 

~Calla's story from the Dream of Doll website

This cosplay of mine actually went through a lot of revisions.

At first I just wanted to annoy someone that's why I chose this particular outfit. XD hehehhe
Nah, I kid, I kid. But actually as practice for my Assassin Cross cosplay of Ragnarok.

Anyway, got to wear this costume about 3 times.
Twice for a shoot:

First time was when I met my Hagu and a lot of friends that I now hold dear.  

Once in a convention (TAGCOM 2010 ahhhhhh memories XD) where I was with Shivena (who was cosplaying DOD Twink-key) and I met Jesuke. ♥ *melts into a happy puddle*

TAGCOM photos by z3LL
and yeah, my calla cosplay was still not perfect when this was taken
shammmmeeee oTL

Last time was for a Photo Shoot with Ayi and Tin to properly document this cosplay.

I have enjoyed this cosplay immensely but I have accumulated so much stuff over the years and I don't think I'll be wearing it again soon so I'll let go of this costume.

Here is the final form of my D.O.D. Calla Cosplay:

DOD Calla cosplay

The costume when left alone:
DOD Calla costume is mostly made of black cotton.
buttons and chains were hand sewn by me.
cap was a modified security guard hat.

customized DOD Calla boots

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. i wanna buy the set
    and *le gasp* OMG, the boots..
    me want ! gotta save my money now. XD

  2. ^buy buy! hehehehe is still available >3<

    just refer to my other sites found on the links galore to reach me^^

  3. can you tell me where i can buy that boots?