Sunday, March 13, 2011

What is CHANE? (/cha-ne/)

^NO CHANES, please!!!! (read as CHA-ne)
I have heard this a lot in cons, during shoots and most events where there are cosplayers, con goers and photographers.

BUT, What is CHANE and what is a CHANERO?

Well CHANE is a verb, it is when someone makes "akbay" to a person, example a cosplayer, or when some one you do not know puts their hands or arms around your waist or shoulder or other body parts. CHANE can take a lot of forms but the ones mentioned before are the most common. Of course what makes this bad is that this is done without consent (of the cosplayer, in this case).

It is okay IF and only IF you actually know the person and she or he (yes, he, girls are not the only ones vulnerable to chane-ing, you know) agrees to you putting your arms around them and being touchy touchy, huggy huggy and all that.

tenma being a happy pimp. >_< no, I kid, I kid XD me with the panas, I mean, my friends mia and ashley^^ you can ask them, they're cool with this ahehehehe

Chane is not limited to arms on shoulders or hips. Some are as extreme as butt-grabbing, boob touching (inappropriate touching) or even picking up the other person and sweeping them off their feet. Other forms are hand holding, hair smelling, pervy looks, posing as if to show that the other person is your girl / boy friend or even just standing too close for one's personal comfort.

Some of YOU might be thinking, "okay lang naman sa kanila, eh, hindi naman sila nag rereact" ("its fine with them coz they dont react to it"). The thing is, it is either the cosplayer is too nice OR he/she is in character OR you did it so suddenly that he/she did not have time to react properly.

Some may even be thinking, "they have it coming, they wear seductive costumes, so Imma grab what I can". Honestly, what kind of thinking is that? Respect and manners should always be kept in mind. They wear those costumes to show their fandom, not as invitation to have their personal space invaded.

Of course when they are in character, say for example a character which is usually timid and quiet, they will not be able to resist much because they are in character, nga! So dont take advantage of them!

Bear in mind that people are not the only victims of a Chanero, props too can be victims. Some congoers are too amazed or just sometimes plain rude, they grab the props and play with them even. People worked hard for their props, some are very delicate and need to be handled properly so please dont treat them with contempt. ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION BEFORE YOU HOLD ON TO THE COSPLAYER / PERSON or the PROP.

I understand that sometimes, the case is that you really like the character and you tend to become excited but please do not forget your manners. Not all people like to be touched by complete strangers / people they barely know / even their friends. Conventions are still public gatherings and as such require some level of decency and respect towards other people.

Just put yourself in their shoes, you would not want strangers touching you now would you?

Oh and CHANERO is a noun, it is some one who makes CHANE. Be they a person you know or not know. The CHANERO is the person who makes touchy touchy WITH OUT your consent.

example of good people keeping their hands to themselves,
no inappropriate touching to cosplayer or props^^

To sum it up, CHANE is when someone invades your personal space with out your consent, and CHANERO is the person doing the invading of personal space.

To those who have experienced this, be not afraid to speak up! If you are uncomfortable, use your mouth to say something! And if ever you are wearing something with a lot of skin showing, take precautionary measures like always having your friends around. When everything gets too extreme, report them to the authorities. The important thing is that IT MUST BE STOPPED.

To congoers and cosplayers alike, think about it, you may or may not be aware of it, are you a Chanero? hmmmmmmmm...

I do not know the origin of the word CHANE, it may have started out as something completely different. But the definition I gave is how it is used today / at present time.

Another thing, is that cosplayers are not the only victims of CHANE, ANY ONE CAN BE A VICTIM. Cosplaying or not. Con goers, eceryday people, anyone may be susceptible to it.

Con goers may be a victim of CHANE by a cosplayer and vice versa.
So everyone should be careful.

thanks for reading!
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  2. Hahaha we all had our fair experience of chane and chanero to the point we build an AT field or a sense if ever there is a chanero nearby XD

  3. I had been a victim of Chanero. Way back in 2010, i was wearing a Freya-inspired dress. I was with my boyfriend by that time. So there was this middle-aged guy who approached me and asked for a picture together. Then all of a sudden, he put his right arm on my shoulder. After taking the photo, my boyfriend said "aba ayos toh ah, nangaakbay" Then I said I didn't know that guy would do that though. BF was a bit upset. >__<

  4. @sese: ikr?! hahaha its something that is unpleasant and we have no control of T_T

    @anonymous 28 April 2011 11:16
    sometimes it happens so fast that we cannot react properly. and what bf wouldnt be upset with this?