Frequently Asked Questions:::::::::::::

*Is Yuu Shomura really your name?
     Yes, well part of it...

*Do you have any alias or other handles?
     I'm perfectly fine with using my Yuu Shomura but Yuu Tachibana has grown on me.
I'm also fine with jaRoukaSama.

     That works but I'd prefer if it was spelled as jaRoukaSama, capital R and S, please

jaRoukaSama is pronounced as /ha-RU-ka-sama/

Haru , is the Japanese word for spring (the season).

I was told that names derived from the word "haru" is lucky, who wouldn't like an extra helping of good fortune? Haruka seemed like a nice name.

It seemed plain when written as is so I decided to spruce it up and make it my own.
I incorporated my school nickname and the bits I learned in some of my European languages class, and came up jaRoukaSama.

The capitalization is just something I like.

*When did you start cosplaying?
     April of 2009, my first cosplay debuted in E-Games Domination III in SMX. I cosplayed Freya with my sister as Chii, both from Chobits. Been hooked since then.

*What cosplays have you done so far?
     In no particular order:
          >Freya : Chobits
          >Tsukamoto Tenma : School Rumble
          >Suzumiya Haruhi : The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 
                     : winter seifuku version
                     : pilot version
          >Red Riding Hood
          >Belldandy : Ah! Megami-sama
          >Skuld : Ah! Megami-sama
          >Hyuuga Hinata : Naruto Shippuden
          >Lacus Clyne : Gundam Seed
          >Amane Misa : Death Note
          >Calla : Dream of Doll
          >Yamada Ayumi : Honey and Clover
          >Tifa Lockhart : Final Fantasy Advent Children
          >Assassin Cross : Ragnarok Online
          >Meiko : Vocaloid
                      : default version
                      : Matryoshka version
          >Tsuruya : The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 
          >Megurine Luka : Vocaloid
                      : default version
                      : mafia version
                      : matsuri version
                      : magnet version
                      : rocker version
                      : Eager Lover Revenge version
                      : Poker Face version
          >C.C. : Code Geass
                      : black knights version
                      : alpha omega version
         >Dead Master : Black Rock Shooter
         >Sarutobi Ayame / Sacchan : Gintama
         >Nakahara Sunako : The Wall Flower
         >Hatsune Miku : Vocaloid
                      : Saihate version
                      : pink lolita version
                      : hold, release; rakshasa and carcasses version
                      : maid version
                      : Sandplay version
        >Kanda Yu : D.grayman
        >Magical Princess : Akazukin Chacha
        >Sheryl Nome : Macross Frontier
                      : White Bunny version
                      : Twin Star version
        >Chii : Chobits
        >Chun Li : Street Fighters
        >Genetic : Ragnarok Online
        >Rikku : Final Fantasy X-2
        >Rinoa Heartily : Final Fantasy XIII
        >Valsione : Super Robert Wars (Akitaka version)
        >Kamui Gakupo : Vocaloid (Setsugetsuka version)
        >Izumi Konata : Lucky Star
                        : Suzumiya Haruhi cosplay version
                        : matsuri version
        >Pucca : Pucca Funny Love
        >Saber Gift : Fate
        >Isabella Yamamoto : Paradise Kiss
        >Tachibana Ginchiyo : Samurai Warriors
        >Cornelia li Britannia : Code Geass R2
        >Princess Emeraude : Magic Knight Rayearth
        >Draculaura : Monster High
        >Ghoulia Yelps : Monster High
        >Lelouch vi Britannia : Code Geass (warlock version)
        >Princess Serenity : Sailor Moon

*What are your hobbies besides cosplay?
     I lead a quite life at home. I like to read, mainly about countries, history, fantasy novels about magic and witchcraft, classic literature, myths and folktales. I like just lying around, breath and think. Eat, watch TV and eat some more.