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Singapore 2012 Day 4

^Ok, this is still from November of 2012.
But for my own memory's sake, I will continue with this entry.
Dang, must really be more diligent about posting... am always too late...

Day 4 of our 2012 trip to Singapore!

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12th November

Woke up on Monday, very very very very tired. I guess all the excitement of the previous days finally took its toll on my body.

Was supposed to go on a photo shoot but I wasn't up for it and my Saber costume needed washing...
Wore the cos on Saturday and I felt wearing it again would not be so hygienic... I feel really bad about neglecting to have it cleaned or at least pack it nicely, Mon-mon was disappointed... and I felt bad about it...

Stuff I got from AFA 2012
all free XD
K folder and HunterxHunter notepad are from the Animax booth

Anyway, me and Ricah decided to go wing it that day.
Everyone else were busy with shoots, but we didn't really have anything planned and as Adventure Team's helper, we decided to hang with them until their flight that day.

Went to their hotel, chatted a bit about the recent events and proceeded to lunch at the airport.
The airport in Singapore is really something, heaps better than the one in Manila...

Ate really yummy lunch and just chilled with Dom, Marko, Tin-tin and Ricah.
Explored the shopping area of the airport a bit, bought Palty bleach for my hair.

As Marko and Dom were checking in, we happened to see Christy and Jemarc!
Christy introduced us to her friend Wani from Malaysia.
Jemarc was on his way home, too.
We hung out until it was time for the boys to go.

It started to rain...
We tried reaching our other friends but guess they were still busy with their shoots.
We decided to go to Bugis for some shopping!

Bugis was awesome!
Lots of cheap and really nice stuff! I wanted to buy lots of stuff! heheheh
You can find a lot of things in Bugis.
If ever any of you guys are going to Singapore, I'd recommend you go to Bugis and Chinatown for shopping.
Clothes, shoes, make up, bags, perfumes, decorations and souvenirs even adult shops , you can find all of those in Bugis.

In Bugis, we scoured the shops to look for bargains and stuff you can buy in Divisoria. hehehehe
As I had originally no plans of going to AFA, my pocket money was quiet small, but being blessed to bag the prize in RCC, I had money to spare, still, I wanted to get a lot of stuff so I still looked for bargains. eheheheh God is truly good. Amazing how the universe works :)

This year, I decided to get better souvenirs for my friends rather than the usual key chain.
I just felt that the blessing was worth sharing.

Bags from Singapore
Pasalubong for my Tropang Kalabit Penge feat. Berting
3 for 10  SG dollars!

Met up with Erving and Hades and our party became larger, literally. heheheheh
Having daddy Erving and Hades felt like being the daughter of someone very important cause it looked like we had body guards with us.
To help you visualize what I am talking about, here is a photo of Daddy Erving and Hades.
Deacon, Ricah, Me, Hades and Erving
Get it now? hehehehe

Christy and Wani had to leave early as Christy has class, she was learning Korean!

So Me and Ricah with right hand man Justin, flanked by big daddy body guards Erving and Hades roamed Bugis.
We were looking for box sets of falsies because Erving wanted to give them as pasalubong. 
But he was searching for a particular box which made it hard, he asked us for help coz it would be really awkward if he went searching for them himself. heheheheh
We roamed and roamed but we weren't able to find the style that he was looking for, though we did find a lot of nice make up for cheap prices.

My purchases from Bugis
Hat, dress, leggings for my sister and some fancy stockings

Erving and Hades had to go somewhere else and we were getting hungry.
We parted ways, the three musketeers; me, Ricah and Tin-tin went to Marina Bay Sands.
It was my first time there, the mall was HUGEEEEEEE and so high class!
Like hot damn, there was a gondola ride thingy in the middle, and lots of big brand name stores.

Headed to the food court to meet friends who were gonna have an Utapuri shoots.

Abu cosing Ringo Sensei from Utapuri with derpy me 
I loaned him my pink, abu looks so lovely <3
lovelier than me actually... /pouts

When they were gone, friends who were gonna have a Tiger and Bunny shoot came.
Aruki was a really handsome Kotetsu. We were waiting for her Bunny to come. Guess who it was?
Zephous Chou!
So hansamu as she was going down the elevator, classy MBS, tall bunny in an all black suit. /drools
Me and all the other girls with me were spazzing! hahahahah

When the Tiger and Bunny group headed out, that's when the three of us got dinner.
Good food after a long day is heaven, one of the many simple pleasures in life. :3
Atom and Dru came to join us a bit later and we spent time just talking and chilling until Tin-tin had to go because he had work the next day.

Kosmo was so sweet to give me a good bye present T_T Thank you!
Madoka stuff given to me by Ricah, thanks bebe!

Honestly, Tin-tin is one awesome dude, he has yet to cosplay but he is really into otaku culture, he is nice and smart, glad we were able to be friends him.

More friends from Singapore, also dropped by, although brief, just to see us and say last goodbyes. It was really sweet. <3

UHU glue courtesy of Mon-mon and Shinji
This stuff is amazing!
Glue for sticking stuff to fabric, very good for adding details to costumes and if you are too lazy to sew. Gift from the Gods!

All the groups eventually finished their shoots, but the mall was already closed as it was really really late.

We decided to head home, but not after a lot of last goodbyes, hugging, kisses, last jokes, teasing and promises of seeing each other again and keeping touch thru the net.

It was really nice. :3
I realize I have yet to see the whole of Singapore even though I've been there three times already hahahahahah
We have very little time to explore because our schedule is eaten up by friends, but it ain't bad at all, being friends you rarely see is always wonderful.
I hope I can go again to Singapore for 2013. I miss my lovely friends from Singapore...
As well as those from out the Philippines that also come to Singapore for our yearly "friendship convention".

Rej, Erving and Shiji came home with me, Ricah and z3LL at Mon-Mon's to chill.

The next, we were flying back to the Philippines, again, our trip to Singapore was memorable. <3

Baby seal light up trinket
changes colors and so cuteeeeeee!
given by z3LL from the airport hehehehe
I broke the switch on this thing and it continued to stay lit up for 9 days straight before dying out.

 Good bye Singapore!
Hope to see you soon again!

Touch down in Manila!
We all look so tired hahahahaha

Along with the memories, dun with friends, this was one of the best things I got from that year's Singapore trip. ^___________________^V

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~

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