Tuesday, September 11, 2012


^I just loveeeeeeeee Sheryl Nome.
Sass, beauty, talent all in one. Ahhhhh... She is someone I hope I can be like, too...
A diva, she is, but I like how confident and strong she is, very comfortable in her own skin.

If I could, I'd like to cosplay a lot of her outfits, but I can't...

BUT! I do have a White Bunny version (will blog about that some other time) and this Twin Star version.

This Twin Star Sheryl Nome version is originally owned by my bb, Ami. I saw her wear it in AFA 2010. Ami's costumes are always top notch, so when she sold it, I knew that I was getting a good deal.

I have worn this costume for a total of 2 times only, one was during the Foundation Week of CSA, where I was invited as a judge for their cosplay segment, the other in a photoshoot. Sadly, I don't remember exactly when all this happened, I just know that they were in 2012 XDD

 I got the dress, cute lil hat and garter as a set from Ami.

I think the costume is made from katrina and a soft kind of satin.
Details were done nicely. :3

I really liked the photos from the CSA event taken by Hario and JR, but sadly, my OC self tells me I can't upload then because the wig I used that day wasn't exactly the best... oTL

So, I had opted to just reshoot this costume, now with a better wig.

Character: Sheryl Nome
Cosplay by jaRoukaSama
Series: Macross Frontier
Version: Twin Star
Photos by: z3LL
Costume originally from Ami
Special Thanks to Jess for lending me the wig, Abu and Ian for the assists in the shoot that day.

My most favorite shot of the day!~
I felt that a lot of Sheryl Nome cosplayers have that upside down / lying on the ground photo so I wanted one, too. hehehe
It was hard getting this shot as when I lay down, my fat cheeks make it an unflattering angle for me. oTL
We remedied that by elevating my head, we scrunched up the reflector bag and put it under my head. Voila! No more bull dog cheeks! heheheh

As I was doing my make up, I realized that some of the colors in my eyeshadow palette were still unused so I played around with color for my eyes. For this shoot, I had on two shades of purple and a light turquoise-y color. I am very happy with how it turned out. :D

This is the first time we had a shoot in this place and I am really glad we were able to as I feel it looks very Frontier like, very suited for a Macross Frontier shoot.

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl Nome cosplay
Looks like am about to sneeze or something but I like this shot. hehehe

the back of the costume
I pinned the side of the bow to my dress to give it more oompf and life.
This dress is a one piece costume btw.
It fits me very snugly. In truth, it's kinda small for me in the bust and hips area, but its manageable.
What I do is I pull it up and kinda hold my junk in. hahahaha

The place was well engulfed in natural light and had these round grills on the walls, we thought they kinda looked SPCats-ish, posed in front of them and what do you know? The photos looked nice! hahaha
So I guess, circular windows in the background can make you pretty XDD

The mic is made by me, and it has a special feature, you can pull on the end part and it converts to a whip. 
When I was looking for reference photos, I saw one of my favorite cosplayers with a mic like this so I proceeded to copy her XDD

There was only 4 of us shooting that day.
3 cosers and 1 photog, we alternated with being saikang, reflector chan and subject.
It was a good shoot, we had fun. hehehehe

We had so many laughs at the end of the day and we even had Hario join us for dinner. ♥

Group shot! Of course, the photog isn't in here but he was there, otherwise, how'd we take the photo? hehehe
Ian as fan art version of Panty from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Abu as Takuto from Star Driver and me!~

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~