Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lolita Day Out - Lilac is the color of my Sunday

^I have always loved Lolita Fashion.
The first time I saw a photo of a girl in Lolita, a smile crept up on my face. The the massive amount of frills, lace, bows and cuteness captured me.
I wanted to wear the fashion so bad that my first attempt was a very big fail. =( I saw my photos and I didn't like how everything turned out. Research, research and more research led me to knowing more about Lolita and the different types. My favorites are ama-lolita, wa-lolita, gothic lolita, punk lolita and sailor lolita but so far, I have only tried gothic and ama-lolita.

The Philippines is known for being a very conservative country, just wearing something out of the ordinary will get you stares, loud whispers, raised eyebrows, mocking, rude comments, laughter and lots of pointing.

Lolita fashion would definitely be something "loud", wearing a complete ensemble would make one stick out like a sore thumb. I already get lots of those stares when I go out that is why I try to dress as subdued as possible when I go out alone, so I really envy my friends who can withstand all those unwanted attention and still go out and dress the way they want to. Mad props to dear Ian, Sese and Ricah, my most fashion forward friends. I really should man up like these guys heheheheheh

Anyway, inspired by Ricah's daring, we challenged ourselves to wear a full Lolita ensemble on our next day out together. We agreed to be both in Lolita, but I guess we should have really clarified what type of Lolita we were both gonna be, but I really do remember saying that we would be in ama-loli, though. XDD

Since I was also gonna be visiting Meidolls, I thought it would be the perfect chance to be in Lolita all day.

I put my make up on, fixed my hair and wore most of that day's outfit on (even in half a Lolita outfit, people were boring holes on me in the jeepney), met up with z3LL and added more, when we got to Meidolls, my Lolita outfit was in full swing.

When: 16 January 2012 - Sunday - Meidolls Anniversary, hang out and dinner with friends
Where: SM Megamall, RP

Lilac Lolita coord

Outfit run down:
  • Lilac dress and head bow by Angelic Pretty, a gift from dear Momsy
  • White blouse from Body Line
  • Cute Bunny hair clips from Majeka Shop
  • White stay ups from SM Department Store
  • Gray designed stockings from SM Department Store (these are the ones I used for my Magnet Luka cosplay)
  • Wig from Shuffle Shop
  • Ocean Blue contact lens from Alice and Rabbit
  • Cream colored shoes from U-nik Nails

I was really excited to see Ricah in her ama-lolita but when she came in, I was surprised to see her in punk-loli, not that she didn't look good, though. XD She rocked it but it wasn't the same! /tears hehehehehehehe

After Meidolls, now with Ricah in her punk-loli glory, we headed to SM MegaMall. Two girls clad in Lolita (with z3LL in normal guy clothes heheheeheh) walked out of the building, crossed the road, waited and hailed an FX, rode the FX, walked to MegaMall and roamed around, all this while ignoring all the stares and the things people were shouting at us.

I got called a lot of funny and sometimes weird things that day, some of which were cosplay girl, Sakura and Barbie but the weirdest one of all was when a bunch of jeje guys ran up to me and called me Alodia.
Not a hater but I am perplexed as how they were able to associate Lolita with Alodia....

Met up with Silver and her sister and Vinar to discuss some stuff.

Bonded a wee bit with lovely Audrey and gave her the prizes.

Then Father Erving came to join us for dinner! We sat down, ate and had laughs at Tokyo Cafe.
Got to meet new friends, too!
Hi to Hades and Mykhos! Such cool god-like names hehehehe Well, they were really cool guys so their names fitted them well.

Got to experience weird tasting jelly beans courtesy of Mykhos hehehehe It was horrible but we wanted more. Dog food flavored one was the most yucky one I tasted, Skunk stink wasn't so bad though XDD hehehehhe

In Tokyo Cafe, from left to right: Mykhos a.k.a. Deacon, Ricah, me, Hades and Erving
photo by z3LL

I acquired wings for a future cosplay, too. hehhehehe Thanks to Jhonelle.

I wanted to go home by riding a public utility bus in my Lolita glory but Father Erving would not have it so he drove me and z3LL home. Thanks so much, Father dear! =)

All in all, despite all the reaction we got from people, t'was a pretty fun day out for a girl in Lolita. Bearable, would be the most fitting word, I'd love to wear my Lolita dresses again but I don't think I can do it alone, though XDD
I'd like to have a wa-lolita ensemble this year as well as some not so typical colored dresses. I wonder if I can pull ensembles in either yellow, mint green and orange. hheheheheheeh

Now, for photos! ehehehheheheh All courtesy of z3LL, taken in Saunterfield Building in Rizal.
Mind you, I only added the watermarks, z3LL's shots were stupendous!

Lolita fashion
 Trying to look moe, but it looks like I'm being bullied and will cry soon heheheehe

Lilac Lolita dress
 Proudly showing off my dress =)

 Favorite photo of the day, the eyes looks so nice and glassy.

The light is__________(?) heheheheheh

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I admire the courage to go on jeep :) Brilliant! and Pretty indeed :3