Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gamespot feature in AFA 2011

^Me and Zhel were just about to enter the merchandise hall when we were ambushed by this guy. XD
We were totally unprepared. >_<

Squall and Rinoa

Jeyel, darling, really thank you so much, this would not have happened with out you! *3*

I think I gave stupid answers. Shameeeeeee. orz

Anyway, I'm the unprepared Rinoa and Zhel is the Squall.
Our characters are from Final Fantasy VIII and yeah, we borrowed the costumes from Jeyel and Ces.

Imma just leave this here and hide in shame... >_< (so melodramatic of me XD)

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  1. *hopefully this comment gets in*

    Switch to DISQUS darling hehehe. I dunno but the Comments page is really busted on Blogger. LOL.

    Gyaaah! Gwapo-chan and Yuu! :)
    Sooo cute hehe. Oh well! Looks like you guys really had fun. :p