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Rurouni Kenshin : the Legend Ends

^Got to watch Rurouni Kenshin : the Legend Ends last Sunday (Sept. 14, 2014) and it was awesomeeeeeee! <3
Living in Japan has its perks. /winks
Rurouni Kenshin : the Legend Ends or Rurouni Kenshin Densetsu no Saigo Hen was in theaters as early as Sept. 13th, 2014.
I believe it will come to the Philippines not until Sept. 24th of this year.

Rurouni Kenshin : the Legend Ends is the last of the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy.

I have loved Ruruoni Kenshin since childhood so I saw the movie as a fan (with many great expectations) and will be commenting as such, with me was Kuma who knew about Kenshin coz it was famous but didn't really follow the story.

Ok, here are my comments, there may be spoilers ahead XD

The Juppon Gatana or Shishio's ten (best) swords(men) looked great but most of them barely did anything through out the movie. They were merely standing around, although they looked great, I wish they had more to do.

Usui (the blind guy sporting the turtle shell shield and sad-looking bunny ears) and Henya (the little bat looking thingy guy) were the most aesthetically pleasing out of the bunch.

But Henya, being a fighter that mainly flies around while shooting blades and ammo, will not be seen flying but looking cool, feet firm on the ground.

Usui did have his moment but it was a very very very brief moment. The moment you see him and Saito eyeing each other, you will surely get excited. Don't hold your breath though, their "fight" will disappoint. I also think his shield was too small, but that's just me.

Kamatari... Oh Kamatari... she(he) looked so far from expectation... Let's just say, I didn't even realize it was her(him). But since I liked her(his) character, I was keeping an eye out for her(him).

Anji, the panda monk, was ok. I wish he was taller / bigger / more muscular... But he was ok, at least he had more screen time but his fight with Sanosuke wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Anji kinda provided the other members of the Juppon Gatana with some screen time with his speech but not everyone was seen and again, just barely.

Everyone else... meh... They were there. Well, Cho was amply seen in Kyoto Inferno so I guess its ok.

I was expecting the last movie would reveal how Kenshin got his scar but there was no mention of that.

Yumi, Shishio's special lady friend, was a pretty hand maid. She served sake/tea, changed his bandages and was a very beautiful arm decoration for our dear Shishio-sama. Not much for her, too. But she did serve her purpose at the last parts of the movie. Wish we could have seen some more of that nice skin and delicious boobs body XDD She was so covered up! In the previous film, she had her shoulders showing and then in the third movie, she had lace on her neck! XD pffffftttttt
Yumi is a smart and ambitious pretty lady, she's not just a glorified maid... I'm sorry, I just like Yumi very much so I am disappointed that she is made out to be just a simple nurse for Shishio-sama.

Hoji, was spot on. I loved him, not only did he look the part but he's character was really present. Hoji was never really a fighter, more of an adviser to Shishio-sama but what the hell, he got punched onced and then he disappeared. XD lol

This is what Kuma had to say, "where's the 「oro?」?"
Hahahahahah Yes, ladies and gents, Kenshin won't be saying it in this movie.

Rurouni Kenshin pamphlet and movie tickets
◾ Takeru Sato - Kenshin Himura
◾ Tatsuya Fujiwara - Makoto Shishio
◾ Emi Takei - Kaoru Kamiya
◾ Yu Aoi - Megumi Takani
◾ Munetaka Aoki - Sanosuke Sagara
◾ Yosuke Eguchi - Hajime Saito
◾ Yusuke Iseya - Aoshi Shinomori
◾ Ryunosuke Kamiki - Soujiro Seta
◾ Min Tanaka - Nenji Kashiwazaki
◾ Kazufumi Miyazawa - Toshimichi Ookubo
◾ Yukiyoshi Ozawa - Ito Hirobumi
◾ Kaito Oyagi - Yahiko Myojin
◾ Maryjun Takahashi - Yumi Komagata
◾ Ryosuke Miura - Cho Sawagejo
◾ Tao Tsuchiya - Misao Makimachi (Nenji Kashiwazaki's granddaughter)
◾ Kenichi Takito - Hoji Sadojima
◾ Tomomi Maruyama - Anji Yukyuzan
◾ Mitsu Murata - Usui Uonuma
◾ Hiroko Yashiki - Kamatari Honjo
◾ Kentaro Shimazu - Saizuchi
◾ Kota Yamaguchi - Fuji
◾ Masaharu Fukuyama - Seijuro Hiko
Directerd by Keishi Ohtomo

Soujiro, loved his rematch with Kenshin! Nicely done despite the small space they had to work with.
But for non followers of the series, like Kuma, you'd wonder why he cried like a baby when he was defeated. Come to think of it, Soujiro's past was not really delved into so apart from him being cute and skilled enough to be trusted by Shishio-sama, we don't really know much about him.

Oh! Rewind, at the beginning we have Kenshin and his master Hiko Seijiro training so Kenshin can be better once he faces Shishio-sama et al. but now that I think about it, they kinda took too long? No complaints though, master was nice too look at. hihihihihi XD <3 Hot ossan is hot, after all.

Good news everyone! Aoshi is no longer screaming "Battousai doko da?!" hahahaha

Kuma asked, why does Shishio's sword emit flames and why did he burst into flames?
This could have been cleared up if Yumi had more contribution to the film... but alas.

Even with all these complaints and more, (I will hold back since I don't want to spoil anyone any more than I already have), I still enjoyed the movie.

The cast, especially the protagonists and Shishio-sama and Hiko, did very well. Not only did they look as real life forms of our beloved characters, their performance also showed who the characters really were.

The fights leading up to the finale is something every one should look forward to. It is not just your typical one on one fight. ehe <3 You will be seeing Saito, Sanosuke, Aoshi, Kenshin and Shishio really battling it out! None of that, "you go first, then me" rubbish. Oooooh! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it! hahahaha <3 This may be the best part of the film.

And the closing scene?
Kenshin says something to Kaoru. <3

Did that excite you more than ever for part 3?
Then, don't miss it! Capitalizing for more emphasis, DO NOT MISS IT!
Watch Rurouni Kenshin : the Legend Ends as soon as you can!
Support films by watching them in theaters and not patronizing illegal copies!

Japan is not only famous for sushi and sumo, Japan loves souvenirs, too! Check out the merchandise booth at the cinema!

There were Rurouni Kenshin stickers, mugs, poster, folders, notebooks, note pads, mini towels, pens and keychains and moreeeeee.

Of course, the world's most hard working cat, Hello Kitty wouldn't pass up this chance for a collaboration!
See Miss Kitty cosing as Kenshin and Shishio <3 hahahahaha Adorable, right?

I got the more practical merchs.
I got me a Kenshin notebook and mechanical pencil.
Takeru Sato looks chou handsome, da yo ne?
the inside of my notebook
My cutie patootie Shishio-sama x Kitty mechanical pencil

That's it for this entry.

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. zomg those kitty plush dolls <3
    such envy! >.< wish they had them here during the premiers as well huhu~

  2. mechanical pencil? isnt it a pen? :/

    1. it is a mechanical pencil, i use it everyday XD