Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yuu's Birthday Give Away 2014

^In celebration of my birth month, all the good things that have happened and as thanks for everyone's continued support for my works, I am having another give away!

/rolls around throwing confetti

What will one lucky winner get?

the prize:
-1 pack (4 pairs) of false lower eye lashes from fairy lash
-1 pack (3 pairs) of false upper eye lashes from cat's eyelashes
-1 pack (7 pieces) of collagen and honey infused Kose facial mask
-1 (140ml) bottle of Hadalabo moisturizer
-1 Rei Ryuuzaki of Free! keychain enclosed in a Polyethylene spherical container
-1 Japanese patterned goldfish pouch 
-a handful of Japanese sweets

Here's a closer look at the prizes:

 apologies in advance, I opened the hadalabo by mistake. I bought two. I opened one to use then I couldn't find it, so I opened the other bottle then the first one I opened suddenly shows itself orz

the mechanics:
:::> Give away is open to everyone of any gender / sexual orientation / age / race/ and location as long as they can be reached through shipping

:::> Shipping will be shouldered by me. Winner will not be asked to pay for anything but should the winner opt to get the prizes through meet up, meet up should be in a place, time and date that is accessible and safe for both parties (please take special consideration, if ever someone from the Philippines wins, my sister will be the one to meet up with you so please be understanding of a student's situation)

:::> What to do:
1. Doing either one or all of these will earn you 3 slots in the raffle each.
a.  Like my FB page : Jaroukasama
b. Follow me in World Cosplay : Jaroukasama
c. Add me as friend in CureCos : jaRoukaSama
d. Watch me in Deviant Art : jaRoukaSama
e. Follow this blog

2. Increase your chance of winning by sharing your favorite blog entries of mine through Facebook! Additional 1 slot for every blog entry of mine shared through Facebook as long as it is:
a. shared and set to public so I can view it
b. my FB page is tagged so I know that you tagged me. hahahaha 


Sharing about the give away also earns you an additional 1 slot.
Don't forget to set to public so I can view it and tag my page.

3. Come back here and let me know BY COMMENTING in this entry once you have shared, liked, added, watched or followed me by sending me direct links, or screen caps of the dark deed XDD

One comment per shared blog entry with link or screen cap = 1 entry.
One comment per like (or your FB name) with link or screen cap = 3 entries.
One comment per follow with link or screen cap = 3 entries.
One comment per add with link or screen cap = 3 entries.
One comment per watch with link or screen cap = 3 entries.

Clear? All questions and clarifications will be entertained through the comments of this entry.

:::> There will only be one (1) winner and he/ she will be selected through random sampling at

:::> Give away is from 8th August (Friday) till 30th August (Saturday) 2014.

:::> Come back to my blog, for announcement of winners on 1st September 2014 (Monday).
I will make a new blog entry post the winner's name and give him/ her an email address where I can be reached.
If winner fails to contact me within 42 hours, I will select another winner.

I think that's about it.
Have fun and good luck everyone!

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. waaaaa. I wanted to join!! XDD I want everything huhuhuh. *.*

  2. Done everything! :) pick me! pick me!

  3. I did the deeds from a. through d. B)
    Btw your posts/tips/tutorials are really helpful (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  4. Ohmygosh. <3

    I already did A to D. <3

  5. I haved watched you in dA. <3

  6. I have also liked your FB page. <3

  7. Followed you in WorldCosplay

  8. And we are also friends in Cure (/*w*)//

  9. Of course, I'm following your blog because I enjoy reading your posts and I really love and learn from your cosplay tips and tutorials.

    I also made a blog post about joining your giveaway. <3

  10. followed you on WorldCosplay!

  11. liked your facebook page!

  12. and shared about your giveaway on facebook!

    I've always loved your cosplay tips and often drool at your crafting!
    Happy Almost-Birthday and more power to you!

  13. Shared blog post entry at FB:

  14. Followed you on WC as Avanna:

  15. Been following on your FB page for as long as I can remember. :D

  16. :)) Can I tag you in FB for my screencaps? Hahaha!

  17. Cure follow

  18. deviantArt screencap

  19. Facebook screencap

  20. WorldCosplay screencap

  21. Sharing a favorite blog entry

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  24. Meiji Purin like Jaroukasama's FB page <3

  25. followed you on world cosplay yay :3

  26. watched you on DA :)

  27. sent you a friend request at cure. I hope we can become friends :)

  28. shared my favorite blog <3 cure cards

  29. sharing the giveaway blog

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