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Sailor Moon Crystal 2014

Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!

I remember that phrase vividly.
It means, "In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!".
No matter what version, that was and still is Sailor Moon's catch phrase.

As a kid, I was a BIG Sailor Moon fan.
I remember having shirts, toys, shoes, dolls, plates, utensils, (even underwear... hahaha) and the show on tapes.

Kid Yuu graduated kindergarten in Sailor Moon glory
Taken March 30, 1995
Yep, big fan of Sailor Moon here. hahahahah
Not sure if this is considered as cosplay, but at least I had the yuri part down XD

Those movies and shows taped by mom then shipped to the Philippines were my pride and joy.
Sailor Moon was airing in the Philippines but of course it was late compared to Japan.
Having those tapes made me feel kind of special as I already saw the episodes before anyone else in my school and I could easily watch again anytime I wanted.
Since they were directly recorded from the TV, my tapes didn't have subs but even if they spoke Japanese, I didn't care or rather, it didn't matter to kid me.

I don't remember a lot but my mom tells me that before every show, I'd wear one of my Sailor Moon shirts, take out all my Sailor Moon merch, grab my Sailor Moon towel/ blanky and sit in front of the TV.

I loved Sailor Moon.
I had all the toys, but regrettably I have none now. I don't know where they went to... I guess they were given away to cousins in the province. Not even one item was saved... Even my Mom and aunts say that they regret parting me with my treasures, they never thought that Sailor Moon would become so iconic. /sigh

One of my biggest cosplay dreams is to also cosplay all, (yes, all, A-L-L) the Sailor Senshis or as many characters as I can from the series.

Just imagine how thrilled I was when I heard that Sailor Moon was going to have a remake for its 20th anniversary!

A much younger Yuu with my sister Minami.
Sailor Moon shirt FTW!
I look so manly hahahahahaha

There were rumors that the new Sailor Moon would be just the same as the old one but with better animation, then there were some who said that it would follow the daughters of the old cast. What ever, I just wanted to see Sailor Moon again, I'd reserve judgement after I saw the show.

Although I did love Sailormoon, I was not a super Moony.
I didn't read the manga, sadly... I only got to reading manga in 2013... so late, right?
But, I will! As soon as I find time.

Fast forward to July 5th, 2014! Saturday!
First episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! Super psyched!
Goosebumps, man! Goose bumps! I just felt really happy seeing the characters that led me to the otaku path.

Now, to my personal feelings/ opinions on the show.

Hmmmm... I find the new opening song, Moon Pride by Momoiro Clover... uhmmmm... So-so at the very least.
It was too happy-happy joy-joy for me. The lyrics are ok but the over all sound was just too "cheerful" and didn't fully reflect what Sailormoon was about...

Moon Pride lyrics and translations here

It wasn't bad... but Sailor Moon isn't always about fun and crazy adventures while hanging out with friends, there's a lot of serious and it's-ok-to-cry moments in there, too.

I felt like Moon Pride was ok for teasers or any promotional ads...
I still really love Moonlight Densetsu by Dali best.

The ending song, Moon Rainbow or Gekko in Japanese, still by Momoiro Clover wasn't as disappointing. I liked it. It was nice.

Heart Moving by Naoko Takeuchi
First Ending song of the Original Sailor Moon

Brownie points for the over all quality of the series!
It was really clear, bright, colorful and crisp. I loved watching the new animation!
The colors were really nice to look at. <3 Lighter compared to the original ones but the feel was still great.

The characters didn't really have major changes.
Everyone did get thinner and got longer limbs, which now makes them even harder to cosplay... orz
For a second, I even thought the long rubbery arms and legs were kinda Luffy-ish.

Lighter hair colors, bushier/ longer manes, a few more wisps of hair here and there, a few details changed but everyone still looked almost exactly the same.

Usagi's mom got her hair lightened, felt she looked older... But... Wow!
Shingo, Usagi's little brother, looks so much more handsomer! Back then he looked like a normal, rowdy kid, now he looks like a little prince. hahahahha
Mr. Tsukino a.k.a. Dad hasn't shown up yet but he looks like such a nice gentle man.

The Tsukinos
little brother Shingo, Mama Ikuko, Chibiusa, Usagi and Papa Kenji in the original Sailor Moon

The Tsukinos in 2014

Oh mo! Oh mo!
Mamoru / Tuxedo Mask got waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy hotter than he was! /blushes OH MO! LIKE REALLY!

Tuxedo Mask of 2014
kyaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3 /blush /blush
hahahahaha When I think of Tuxedo Mask, Zhel is the first person I'd ask to 
be mine should I cosplay Sailor Moon again

Umino and Naru still pretty much unchanged.
Luna, too.

I don't like the new brooch though... seemed too tacky for me, the gems on the outer rim just made it look bulky and impractical. The smaller version of it on her necklace also seemed too much for me. Her earrings seemed too long and impractical for battle, too. Then again, battle practicality was never a thing XDD

And those commercial break art!
So pretty, right?

The transformation sequence, I am 50-50. I like both the old and the new one.
The new one was done really well, kinda springy, though, but still good. heheheh
Can't help but admire how everyone worked really hard for Sailor Moon Crystal.

Over all, I wasn't disappointed. So much feels of nostalgia.
I look forward to more. I greatly enjoyed watching Sailor Moon Crystal!
Sailor Moon Crystal is currently airing and new episodes come out every 2 weeks.
For more information, trivia, fun stuff and what not on Sailor Moon Crystal,
that page is really, fun and helpful

Again, these are my personal opinions on Sailor Moon Crystal 2014.
Credits to the owners of the images used.
Since I saw the Sailor Moon of the 1990s, I may be biased towards the original, so apologies for that.

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