Starting fresh in the Land of the Rising Sun part2

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Japan being known for it's eccentric fashions, I took the opportunity to dress up to the fullest.

Most people go out with their lovers on Valentines Day, for me, I usually go out with mom, but since she has been in Japan for years, I go out with my besties since forever, my Tropang Kalabit Penge.
It feels nice that I was able to follow the tradition of going out with momsy again for Valentines Day.

 Mori kei

Mori fashion
Layers galore as it is very cold XD

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me and my mom

For our date, mom and me went out to dinner in the nearest mall.
we had tonkatsu and ka-re udon.

Mom introduced me to her friend mucchan. 
I guess the peace signs really are a Japanese thing.
Mucchan had her hands ready so I imitated her XDD

For bonding, me and momsy would usually go out to eat.

Had lunch in a Chinese restaurant in Nonami.

Mcdonalds and other fast food chains aren't as common in the Philippines.
In the Philippines, there are Mcdonalds, Jollibee, KFC, Chowking and other names on every block.

Big Mac and fries.
Bigger than the Philippine Big Mac XDD

Went to Gifu to meet my Father's family.
Took the train.
View from the train station

 Trains arrive on time and leave on time.
Trains have definite times of arrivals, passengers don't wait at random unlike in the Philippines.
In Japan, being late because of traffic is not a valid excuse.

Met up with my father's sister, Oneesan Kazue, stopped by their home to meet her husband.
Arrived early on designated meet up point.
I forgot where this was XD Took pictures to pass time XDD

Here is my mori ensemble for that day:
 Mori kei

A gift from my oneesan Kazue

 Mori cardigan

 My blue stockings with roses all over and furry socks XD

hair accessory courtesy of Forestale

me and oneesan kazue

I see a lot of girls in mori fashion, mom says she thought how they dressed was just typical probinsyana porma as our area is kinda like a province by Japanese standards.
She laughed at me when she saw my mori stuff, she says she never imagined that it was a kind of fashion XDD

After stopping for tea at Oneesan Kazue's, we proceeded to go to their elder brother's.
Stopped for tea yet again then went to the cemetery to pay our respects to my grandparents.

It began to snow!
I learned that snow is cold, but the air is colder as it falls down, once it hits the ground, it isn't so much anymore.
Yes, I am an ignorant tropical gaijin XD
My! The snow is cold! hahahahaha

So, went to the cemetery.
It is a neat and magnificent place.

As we were going up to the family grave, the shaman king theme song kept playing in my head.

Kimi ni todoke northern lights!!!! /ho

The family lot should be cleaned before offering prayers

I noticed that the graves have different designs. I asked about it, apparently the sakura is our family emblem.

Went to lunch after.

ichigo cha purin!

 the place made their own noodles. cool

 most restaurants in Japan have replicas of their menu on display

 my mother with aunt, uncle and father

After a delicious meal, we parted ways.

Stopped for tea on the way back. Again with the tea. >_<
So much tea drinking that day hahahahha 

Some pics of the Japanese country side.
Mostly the view from my aunt's car XDD hehehe

So many pics, ok, enough for today. XD
More again soon!

thanks for reading!
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     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. Malinis ang sementeryo nilaaa
    And yes, winter season is an excuse for layering

    Sorry ang ganda ng sementeryo. Sarap mag shoot XD

  2. ohhh cool nga nung sementeryo XD parang sa shaman king lang haha
    baka andun grave nila amidamaru. pano nalalaman ung sa logo?

  3. shoot din naisip ko sa sementeryo! haha! this is how a cosplayer thinks! XDD

    anyway, daming beses nyo uminom ng tea a.. :9

    take care always ^^