Starting fresh in the Land of the Rising Sun part1

^Time sure flies.
It feels I haven't been here long but wow, I've been living in Japan for a month now!

I left the Philippines, February 8th of year 2013.
To live with parents and try living the other half of my heritage.

Can't say this was rushed, but feels like I had so little time to have proper good byes and prepare.

Anyway, I don't want to feel sad, I am very lucky to have friends that I know will still be there, no matter the distance, and I don't want to feel ungrateful as there are people who will consider being able to live in Japan a privilege.

My whole family, everyone in our house went to send me off.
Everyone, Nanay (my grandmother), Uncle, Luis, Dustin, Tita Delen, Nana, Minami even Junjun went.

Upon arriving at the airport, I wasn't expecting some of my friends to be there to send me off.
This gesture of theirs really touched me.

Good bye for now.
L-R: Kyo, my brother Lo, Jericho Rosales, Marko, z3LL, Pepz, Alvin, Jeyel, me and Sese
Thanks so much for taking the time, guys <3

Had no problems checking in or with anything.
Flight was delayed for about 45 minutes.
As I was waiting for the plane in the boarding area, I was sending my last good byes to friends via SMS, but super fail of me as I was sending messages thinking that I had enrolled in the all-txt promo. I ran out of load and wasn't able to send all my friends my thanks and messages... tsk

The plane ride was long, round 4 hours in total.
There weren't a lot of passengers, I had the whole row to myself hahaha
Slept thru most of it as I was really tired, did't have much sleep because I came from a shoot and didn't finish packing till 4am hehehe NO REGRETS!!!! hahaha
It was other wise ok, except the kid sitting behind me kept kicking my seat and when I couldn't take it, I asked politely if his mom could do something about it, to which his mom said *in Nihongo* that I should just let it go as he was only a kid. oTL

Arrived safely in Nagoya, got my Resident's Card right in the airport.
Got my stuff and saw my mom immediately. 

Reunited with my mother <3
photo by my father

Took lots more photos using my phone but I failed to bring my charger. Talk about fail, wasn't able to salvage a lot of pics as I also had my phone set to save to phone memory. tsk

Chubu Centrair or Nagoya International Airport is an amazing place.
One side had an old Japanese theme, one side had Victorian Village theme, and one side was totally perfect for Macross Frontier.
Saber had lots of posters all over the place. heheheeh
Lots of mori stores, too. gaaaaaaaaaa
Ate dinner and went home.

A few pics of Chubu Centrair, the very few I managed to save.

Been busy settling in.
Wasn't able to bring clothes suited for the current season.
Being from a tropical country, my clothes all seemed too thin for winter.
We have a small but cozy home, my room seems bare and empty.
I regret not bringing photos and stuff to decorate it with, but I know for sure, I'd be able to fill my room in no time. hahahaha

Lemme just spam you with pics, to show you how life has been here for me. hehehhe
After all, a photo speaks a thousand words, as someone I don't know said XDD

Since, it has been a month.
This is what my room looks like now:
 Korirakuma from Wilbert
Am slowly building up a new rillakuma empire here hehehe
Currently I have a medium sized Korillakuma plushie, a medium sized Rillakuma plushie (not in the photo XD), rillakuma slippers, rillakuma rug, a few key chains and a rillakuma throw pillow

 My little shrine. Photos of some people I hold dear. Some memorabilias from important people and my newly acquired Saber figma.

Every manshon (condominium) and danchi (public housing) in Japan has their own little parks.
This is the view from my window.

Been improving my domestic skills, too.
Back in the Philippines, I had a very privileged life, my aunts never forced me to do any housework. They did teach me, but for some reason, they only let me do very little.
I am having fun doing chores here actually.
Everything seems easy as I have help from technology hehehehe

Someone said he didn't believe me when I told him I could cook, I know how to, I just didn't feel like doing so. hahahahaha
Also, the stuff I know how to make are mostly Japanese in nature and would only taste good with Japanese ingredients XDD

I have mastered the art of peeling apples! hahahaha

Tomatoes here are big, unlike the ones in the Philippines which are puny.
Roughly the same size as apples hehehehe

I am very lazy when it comes to eating fruit.
I don't like grapes very much because of the skin. 
My sister Minami, would patiently peel off the skin of each grape just so I would eat it.
I found this in the super market, grapes peeled and soaked in coconut milk with nata de coco.
Made me think of my dear little sister... I miss her so.

Found some family photos in our house. hehehe
 My uncle and me chillin'.

 kid yuu during christmas
this photo made me laugh. the pose and facial expression is just so cosplayish hahahaha

 tita delen, me and nana

A Japanese kid wearing a dress XD
most of my childhood pics have me in dresses, guess this is why I don't like 
seeing kids in slutty I mean ensembles not age appropriate 

There's this store about 20 minutes walking distance away from our place that sells otaku stuff for really cheap prices.
The place is a gold mine *eyes sparkle*
I try to stay clear of the place as although cheap, there's a lot, A LOT, of stuff that I want to get.
The place is divided according to series.
There are specific aisles for Macross Frontier, Fate, Vocaloid, Touhou, Tiger and Bunny and what have you. Everything from toys, pillows, towels, mugs, key chains, DVDs and playing cards and a lot more.
 Accidentally took this shot hehehe
But here is the Evangelion and Macross aisle

 Sheryl Nome figure for 2,000 Yen
My glob... so want....

 Some of the toys I want to get... T_T
Can you see those prices?

My loot, a.k.a. the stuff I actually bought hehehehe
There was this mystery box that was only 500 Yen.
I got curious and got one, this is what that cheap box contained.
Total value is around 2,500 Yen but got it all for 500 Yen! hahahaha

My Saber figma. Best 2,000 Yen of my life *to date*!

Need to start building up my closet.
Starting fresh with some new clothes, of course, mostly mori. hehehehe

 shoes on sale! originally \3,700, on sale for \900 then when I went to the counter it was \500!
super sale!!!

 Cat shirt! a cat's take on jaws hehehe

Takoyaki in Japan is waaaaaaayyyyy better than any I've had in the Philippines.
Our so called takoyakis are usually half cooked, filled with veggies, expensive and have no or very miniscule takos inside.
Authentic takoyaki bought from an old guy that sells them around the corner

Actual tako in a takoyaki. Generous and muy delisioso!

Curry rice!
 Mom and me made curry, or rather ka-re as how it is pronounced in Japanese

This is baby Avi.
She was born on the day I came to Japan, Feb. 8, 2013
Her name is Avery Hope. I guess her parents are FF fans? hehehehe
Baby Avi is such a cutie, her grandma is a friend of my mom. :3

That's enough for now, more again soon heheheh

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. So nice to see that you're doing great! :D

    We're into the same fashion pala. =)) Well of course I can't go mori in the Philippines all the time since...well....di sila sanay sa mga ganun xDD

  2. Glad you're well Yuu! We will see you soon!

    Anyway, ang mura ng toys! Heaven! Pde sya business dito. Hehe!

  3. di ako makagetover sa 500yen shoes XDDD

    miss you <3

  4. awww dear miss you so much! AND THAT SHOES!
    Lol parang ang sarap magshoot dun sa mini park XD

  5. Missin' you Yuu :)
    Stay safe in Japan :)
    I wish to visit there ... planning to take some scholarship stuff hehe.