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^Hello everyone!
Here is another write up on a shop that has been giving me very satisfactory service.

Of course, I have my go-to shops when I am in need, and this shop is one of them.
I like that my contact, Hime is professional in a friendly way and replies within a day.

I have gotten 2 wigs from this shop already and I have 3 more on the way.
Hime, the one who handles inquiries and PMs is very accommodating, she answers in full sentences and you can feel her desire to help, she offers options based on your needs and wants.
I have also met Ouji at several occasions, he's a bit timid but he's okay. Some of my orders have been rushed but they have never failed to deliver.

Oujihimeshoppe has lots of clients nationwide, plus I  like that they always post status regarding the orders, almost always, they have photos as proof on top of that!

Anyway, before I deviate any further, here is Oujihimeshoppe in the spotlight!

Store name: Oujihimeshoppe
Online Store
Specializes in wigs but is also available for costumes, props, customized shoes and anime merchandise - most items are for preorder
Run by Ouji (Shirlwell) and Hime (Aurora)
Contact Details:
FB page: Oujihimeshoppe

jaRoukaSama's rating: 
♠♠♠♠♠  ~ 5 aces out of 5
I highly recommend this shop as I was very happy with their service and very professional manner of handling clients.

Get your wigs from Oujihimeshoppe!

I think their logo is cute although I do not know if it is an animal or what hehehehe :3 I guess I have a fixation on the nyoron face hehehe
Here'a chat between me and Hime, read on to get a better appreciation of their shop.

JP: When did you start this shop and why? (A little history about the shop please^^)
OHS: We started our shop and has been active accepting costume commissions around July but officially, we started offering wigs around October 2011, if my memory is correct. This has been a long time plan for me and ouji, last year and due to the result of my througouh research, me and ouji decided to officially open this shop.  
Mine and ouji's determination in helping out people in the cosplay community, in getting their wigs on time and without delay (and also I had a bad transaction with an online wig shop before) has formed this shop and we will be maintaining this good service for as long as the shop is open.    

JP: Are you the sole owner of the shop, if not who else helps you in running it?
OHS: Ouji and Hime as what the shop's main name is, the owners are Ouji (Shirlwell) and Hime (Aurora).
Ouji is in charge in meeting up clients, setting booths this year and since he is Manila, he receives the packages directly from the wig companies and do the deliveries of the items in Manila. Hime, who she is currently in New Zealand, working as a full time nurse in one of the hospitals here, is in charge of customer service relations (le formality of le position. :P), and listing the orders to be forwarded directly to the wig company and making sure it will arrive on time for the clients (our good friends). (I know I may be exhausted from work but hunting wig items, recommending wigs and etc has been my hobby ever since we started this shop).  
We have a mini branch in GenSan, where my sister, Joanna is in charge of the costume/shoes section of our shop, and our new business partners, Kyle and Paula, close friends of ours.  
Also, not to forget 'Kuya Jack", our most treasured artist, he and Ouji is in charge of our props section so I assure you guys we make high quality props now. So this consists of our Oujihimeshoppe Team.  

JP: Why did you choose to name your shop as such?
OHS: Ouji and Hime means Prince and Princess in Japanese. That's Shirlwell and Aurora to be precise. Nothing much to say, as to how the name of the shop has been formed though. Not that very catchy though but we're two young couples who are in love :) 

JP: How long does it take before an item arrives?
OHS: We do ask our clients as to what dates they will be using their wigs so we could recommend Grand Young, Lucaille, Ayanamisatoru, L-email and Jiuwihu that will arrive within a week or earlier to us after the batch cut off and as for the other brands and small items (anime merchandise), after that there will be a 2 week waiting time for it. 
We really make sure you won't have to wait for a month or so (unless your item is a customized one), for your ordered items to arrive. This has been our good service, we don't want to make our clients waiting for very long. 

JP: Are wigs only thing you sell, what does your shop specialize in what products and services do you offer?
OHS:  Mainly, wigs are the shop's strong product. We will be making our own exclusive wigs now as arranged by a good wig company overseas. The first set of own wigs are the MIKUDONALD wig! They're really awesome!  
Mainly, we act as a Philippines taobao agent, giving reasonable price to you guys. We are also making our own costumes, lolita shoes, cosplay shoes and boots and props.  

JP: Do you plan on expanding?
OHS: Yes! But it will take time. We don't want to rush things and just go with the flow. We will be active in some main events. We will keep everyone posted in our page.  

JP: Do you also cater to people outside the Philippines?
OHS: Yes! Yes! We do cater and ship to other countries! Just feel free to inquire to our account or to our page. We are planning to start our own shop here in New Zealand soon. 

JP: What kind of clients do you usually get? Who are your most frequent clients?
OHS: I have a long list of regulars and they're mainly in Manila, where most of the events are. So our main branch is near Pasig (Cainta, Rizal) now. I have a list of my own resellers as well.  

JP: What is your strategy in getting repeat clients? Why do you think your clients keep coming back?
OHS: Not that we have a strategy, but we maintain our good service. I think making updates in our account and our page is what you may consider a strategy because we have been clients before of a certain online shop and we know the feeling of you getting excited for your wig/item and yet you are left hanging, not knowing where your item is. So, at most certain time if Hime is free to post an update, we post something in our page. Scammers these days can be very tricky!  

JP: How does one order from you? Can you give us an overview of the step by step process as well as your payment options?
OHS: It's really easy! If the posted item has a price on it, you proceed into ordering it. If not, feel free to inquire and PM us as notifications are flooded with huge numbers of likes so I can't keep track. x_x 
On how to order, it's really simple.
1 - Fill out an ORDER FORM, which is in our page. How to make a payment is already there in the form.
link to the order form
2 - Make your downpayment/full payment. Directly send us a message with your proof of payment. (eg. deposit slip, lbc receipts)
3 - Wait for updates and delivery announcements.
We usually send you a message if your item has arrived and/or tag you to the batch pictures.
We only deliver Tues and Thurs unless there are special considerations. 

JP: Any shout out from you?
OHS: Arigatou ne~ Yuu, for asking us these questions, so people now has an overview of what our shop is and our main goals. We will be making changes real soon and still maintaining our good service to you guys. 
To the regulars and new clients (I consider friends online), thank you for your continued support and your recommendations! (I'm too shy to say anything. x-x) But do watch out for new updates! New offers! New promos! Soon. 
Arigatou~ Arigatou~ Arigatou~

I really like their shop, they have a booth on certain events and you can also meet up with Ouji during conventions. They don't advertise very much but they aren't exactly under the radar, too. I think their good service and regulars are enough proof of their legitimacy. Their Order Form is also very neat, how they divide responsibilities also contribute to their harmonious transactions. Oujihimeshoppe is really organized and systematic. Plus, I get so "kilig" with ouji and hime. heheheheh ♥

Their page is always updated and everything is clearly labeled.

Some may think that their order form is too tedious but I believe that Oujihime just want everything to go smoothly so please have patience with it.

They have numerous payment options which include:
-Bank deposit (either thru BDO or Union Bank)

All their payment methods are certified and safe. To those who wish to order from Oujihimeshoppe, please be reminded to always check your spellings and order before hitting send as misspelled  names, number of orders or contact details really cause a big hassle.

I really wish they'd be open to G-cash as well... I know a lot of people who have g-cash accounts and for me, g-cash is the most convenient mode of payment. 

I have yet to try availing of their other services, but their wig service is really good. They started out with a few brands but now they have multiple selections of high quality trusted wig brands. One is sure to find something that is his/her money's worth. =)

Just so you guys know, I do not and will not feature shops that I have not personally tried.

I am saying it again, this shop, OUJIHIMESHOPPE
gets jaRoukaSama's approval! 
Ouji and Hime are constantly looking for ways to give clients a better shopping experience.

To Hime, I enjoyed reading your answers and thank you very much for taking time to answer my questions.
I look forward to more deals with you guys, I see Ouji all the time, I hope I can meet you too, Hime! :3
Best of luck to your shop and I wish you guys more happiness. ♥

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~


  1. I haven't ordered wigs for quite some time now hehehe. But will definitely try your recommendation. :)

    Thanks Yuu!

  2. I'm a regular client myself, and yep, they're veeeeeery accommodating. I usually order on rushed basis and they never fail me. Kinda proud for them seeing their shop featured on blogs like this and getting positive ratings, haha. *thumbs up*

  3. I have inquired at Oujihimeshoppe and they are so, so, so very accommodating and patient, especially for someone like me who has many queries. And they never fail to answer them. :">

  4. Thanks for the kind feedback guys!
    We just recently launched our own shop site:
    Do check it out ne~ :)