Friday, February 24, 2012

Chubby Bunny by M.A.R.C.H.

^M.A.R.C.H. stands for Mecha, Armor, Robot, Creature and Humanoid.
It is a group I joined not long ago which aims to produce awesome costumes and even awesomer cosplays. MARCH also competes and aims to bag victory (as much as possible) whenever we go out to battle.

Before joining MARCH, I had totally given up on the idea of cosplaying characters that wore costumes that can not be done with fabric or textile. You see, most of the people in MARCH are skilled rubber smiths but apart from the fact that these masters are in it, the thing I like most about MARCH is the fun we have while learning and making something.

There are days when we meet and make costumes under the guidance of our resident alchemist, Lyron and our father Bram, we call these gathering as sesh, which is short for session. As I said, we work hard but we also play and have fun.

Sometimes, the sesh is held in my house but its mostly in the place we call HQ.
One day, we just decided to play the Chubby Bunny game, ever heard of it?

Chubby Bunny is the game of men!

Nah, I kid, I kid heheheheheh.

Chubby Bunny

  • *In the game, each participant usually places a marshmallow into their mouth and says "Chubby Bunny". If they are able to state the whole phrase, usually in a comprehensible manner that the other participants wholly concur to, they pass that round.

  •  *Each successful player then adds an additional marshmallow to the one already in his or her mouth and repeats the phrase. A player who fails to complete the phrase is eliminated from the game. The process continues until only one player remains. 

  • *After the penultimate player loses the game, the winning player might have to place one more marshmallow into his or her mouth and may have to state the phrase once more. The winner of the game is the player who fits the most marshmallows into his or her mouth.

  • *No one is allowed to eat the marshmallows, the game requires that the marshmallows be placed in the mouth of the player only.

What you need:
  • *A big bag of marshmallows

  • *Willing players

  • *Desire to win and be manly

I got us 3 bags of extra big vanilla marshmallows especially for the occasion. Before the game, we even went online to check the rules, we were all surprised that there have been reported cases of deaths while playing this game. Hard core, man, hardcore.

We were all fine but after the fourth, things started to go for the worse... Dun dun dun.... 

Bram is down with 5 marshmallows in his mouth

Taki is out after 6. Look at me being a gay photobomber with marshmallows in my mouth XD

I had a cold that day XDDD T'was hard to breathe buy I survived till 7 marshmallows

We were going down one by one, Miggy couldnt take it after 8.

Lyron wins with 11 marshmallows in his mouth! O_O

Lyron is such a show off. Pfffffttttt XD
Still, it was a fun game! hehehe We shall play this again with more MARCH peeps!
This game is labeled as recreational but play at your own risk coz as I said, there are people who have died playing this game. XD 
Try it, apart from lots of drooling, it's a lot of laughs!~

thanks for reading!
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