Tuesday, February 14, 2012

17 SAI Manga

^Manga, manga, manga!
If you want to read something to just pass the time and not be imprisoned by any long reading, then this manga is the perfect one for you!
Especially if you are also the type that likes stories about love with twists but still have happy endings.

This manga is something I found by accident but upon seeing that it was only 4 chapters, I gave it a try since I was bored anyway.

The art ain't bad either, I actually like how it was drawn, everyone had big eyes and long bodies and limbs, very shoujo.

17 SAI

Alternative Name: Only translated into different languages and should not be confused with 17 Sai - KAMATO YOUJI
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, School Life, Shoujo ~ HAS SOME SEXUAL CONTENT
Year of Release: 2007
Status: Completed with 4 Chapters
Author: Mikimoto Rin
Artist: Mikimoto Rin

17 Sai is actually a collection of short mangas or shots.
Each chapter is different and unrelated to the next although names and how the characters look like may seem similar.

The manga has four chapters and each chapter is a different story but all focus on young love.

P.S. I Love You:
Arisu finds a letter stuck inside a book. The person who wrote the love letter is Himura Tsubaki and he meant to give it to Suzuko. She texts the number that Tsubaki provided and pretends to be Suzuko. Eventually, Arisu's magic captivates Tsubaki.


Yuuka, a young hostess, every guy wants to do "it" with her and they think she's experienced. Truth be told, she isn't. She always finds an excuse to not do "it". One day a client named Hiroshi (Hiro for short) asks her to help him practice to become more of a man. Yuuka helps him and as the days past, love unravels unexpectedly. (by Love Blossom)

17 Sai:
In her 3rd year of middle school, she caught her boyfriend in bed with another girl. Now Nakura Yuu is in high school and rejects any boy who even says the word "love". One day, Yuu her best boy friend Kashiwada got drunk and did "it" in the bathroom. The next day Kashiwada told her to forget what happened. To Yuu, that day was special for her since she liked Kashiwada. But for him it must have been just any old day...  (by Love Blossom) 

Happy Honey:
A foreign guy falls in love with a girl at first sight and goes through lengths to make this girl fall in love with him, too. Mitsuki knows that Philip is too good to be true and eventually pushes him away because of her mistrust.

My comments:

All the stories are about young love, but please understand that there are some mature and sexual content. Chapter 3 - 17 sai, in particular has the most, though.

The stories are short but all of them are nice and the art is pleasing to the eyes. The stories all end happily  and make you believe that maybe love really does have some power.

Chapter 2 - Koibana, is my most favorite of all. Guys like Hiro are cute. =3

Although I stumbled upon this manga by accident, I do not regret reading it. It was a nice way to pass time.
The stories all definitely have that "kilig" factor which makes them so endearing. I was smiling when I finished reading. =)

Props to Mikimoto-san for the stories and beautiful drawing.

I just kinda wish it were longer or had more but I was satisfied with how the flow went.

17 Sai gets ♦♦♦♦♦ out 5 from me! 

Definitely a good read.

thanks for reading!
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