Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye 2011, thank you for the present of Maturity

2012 is fast approaching! I can not believe that 2011 is almost over!
But I am really thankful for the past year and I am so happy to be still alive.

2011, I would have to say is a weird year for me. Weird but still good, as life is always worth living. =)
I learned a lot, like learned a lot of stuff that you wouldn't really pick up in school.
Now I finally understand what real Experience is and how much it matters. Yeah, I've always thought experience was important since it helps you level up hehehheeh But now I really get it.
This year I also grew, I think my way of thinking has matured, so to speak.
I feel like a firefly scout who has proudly acquired a maturity badge for her sash.

2011 has made me see the world in a different way, all thanks to that maturity badge.
There are people who went, of course I am sad about this. But there are also people who came in and I can not be happier about that.
Happy to say that there were those who were simply acquaintances or complete strangers who are now friends, and those that were friends already have become more special.

Can't believe I met Ricah only this year, she is wonderful.

I believe I also cried a lot this year. hahahahahha With Zhel being the reason for most of it. hahahahahah But the tears I shed was mostly tears of happiness.

XDD Actually, now that I think about it, although I want to recount both the good and bad of this year, I am having a bit of difficulty, I really should put more of an effort in keeping my journals. XD Maybe, I should write that down as part of my list for 2012. hmmmmmm

Still, since 2012 is coming, we should leave all the negativity behind and move forward with lots of positivity. I am not saying we should completely forget all the bad stuff, these things really happen, they can make us stronger, they can help us but we should learn to let go of all the bad feelings if we really want to move on.

Anyway, am definitely thankful that I got my first corporate job. Was even able to last a year! That is definitely a feat, the thing I love most about it was the people I met, my super awesome friends and office mates, I am really sure that I wouldn't have lasted long with out them.

 Awwwwww incomplete but my office support system. I love them to bits =)

Cosplay wise, lots of new friends and lovelies, both in the local scene and abroad (oh hi dar, my lovelies in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia! heart heart). hheheheeheheh  Even was blessed enough to win a few contests and be featured here and there. It is so heart warming to know that there are people who appreciate the things you put your heart and effort on. /sniff sniff I really feel overwhelmed about this.

After AFA dinner with epic friends from different countries. THIS is Friendship thru cosplay, photo by dear Alf Alive

I learned the value of money, too. Like how really hard it is to earn cash. I now fully grasp how hard parents have to work to be able to provide for their families and loved ones. I mean I knew money is hard to earn but I didn't appreciate the magnitude of it all. Working taught me this. Wish I learned this sooner, though.

Got to know myself better, too.
Before, I was afraid of yuri and yaoi and I really didn't know much about it, too. Not really afraid, I guess the fear of what people would think about me liking this kind of things was what horrified me most. Now, I am discovering more and more about it and I'm really liking yuri especially yaoi. hehhehehh (Hey friends, please recommend your faves to me! kthnxbye! XDD)

This is hard labor XD heheheheh

I have always known that I am competitive and a perfectionist, but it never occurred to me that I was like really really competitive and that I am a sore loser. I think I need to work on this. I don't join competitions unless I know that I have a chance at the prize so when I lose, I complain to the people who I have absolute confidence in, and I don't just complain, I rant and bitch about it to that unlucky person or persons. I don't like involving others in the negative things I feel so the few unlucky ones have to endure my repetitive bitch moment. Junjun has been the unlucky victim of these on most occasions. XDD But thank you for holding up, dear KP and Junjun.

 I miss darling Pana... We all do... I can't wait to see her again.

Some would be shocked to know that I am actually shy about meeting new people. XDD Yes. this is true, I am weird. hahahahhaha I don't like going up to people and just introducing myself, I think that's being rude and I am afraid of not being liked or getting along with others. So, I rely heavily on my friends to introduce me to others. If no one will introduce me or no one will make an effort to come up to me, I wouldn't get to know people. I need help in this department.

 This is probably as good as it is gonna get, my Kalabit Penge - longest and bestest friends since forever.

Needless to say, I have always been an achiever and I hate failing and not being able to do what has been expected of me. Yeah, I know that mistakes and failing help us learn more but If you can help it, it would be better to succeed on the first try, right? That's why when I know I am not good at something I immediately give it up. This year taught me that before you quit the war, at least fight the battle and there will always be casualties and that's ok, that's just how life is. This is what I believe and will hold on to from now on, TRY AND GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME BUT SHOULD YOU FAIL, TRY AND TRY UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THAT YOU ALREADY DID YOUR BEST AND IF EVER YOU STILL DON'T SUCCEED, ACCEPT THAT NOT ALL BATTLES CAN BE WON AND THAT IS OK.
Before you give up on something, give it a try first and do your best before giving it up.

One of the few cosplay competitions I took part in and was blessed enough to get a place, Team Lion Rush got 1st Runner up in the SM Manila leg of Torch 2011. Me as Chun Li with my awesome partner Marko as Ryu (Street Fighter)

Now, more than I ever, I know that I don't like most of our relatives. hahahhahaha Won't go into details but if some of my relatives out there is reading this, me and my sister don't like all the Japanese jokes you keep throwing when ever you see us. That "Andyan na ang mga Hapon!" joke is really lame, honestly. We can speak Filipino fluently, too, all those "ajinomoto, ching chiong, mushi mushi ano ne, honda, toyota" jokes, not cool. The one with long hair and the older one is named Yuu, the one with short hair and younger is Minami. But I guess most of you don't know that since most of you don't even bother.

Anyway, thanks and good bye 2011!
Thank you so much to the people who made 2011 worth remembering, no names need to be mentioned as that would be too many and I dont want to leave anyone out, but you know who you guys are and I love you all! mwah mwah
Hoorah for 2012! Let's do our best for the coming year, everyone!
Bring it on 2012! Cheers! ^______^V

thanks for reading!
 jaa! visit me again, ne!
     arigatou! (*^3^)/~