Monday, August 1, 2011

1 July, 2011: Good Bye my Beloved Crocs

^You will seriously not believe this.
But I went home with out any footwear last July 1, 2011. hahahahhaha
The story is so funny, I myself can not believe it XD

Me and z3LL, went to SM MegaMall after work on that faithful day of July 1, 2011 to meet our friend Lyron.
Work was heavy on my brain as usual, the gleam of the week end had not sunk in yet.
I was a zombie still.

Me as a cool and glamorous zombie girl  with a golden grill. XD

From our work in Makati, we had difficulty getting a ride to MegaMall as there were lots of people. Friday and rush hour.
People were pushing and elbowing each other to be able to ride the air conditioned buses, so since I thought Megamall wasn't that far, maybe we can just ride the ordinary / non air conditioned bus which was also cheaper heheheheh. So we did, but it was hot and kind of humid because of the rain and it sure didn't smell like a forest of pine trees XDD

Traffic was so heavy, I fell asleep and I'm not entirely sure but I think my mouth must have been open hahahaha XD So embarrassing. XD

We were finally able to get to MegaMall, met Lyron who was waiting with Keith in Bubble Tea or something, I don't really recall since I was groggy... Did some catching up and talked about our future cosplay plans hehehehehe T'was getting late so we parted ways.

Me and z3LL went to the department store to try and find my mother the hat she wanted.

Then we decided to have dinner in Kenny's. Which was a very bad experience. Service was slow, we waited for like 30 minutes before getting the food and when it arrived it was cold. I am not exaggerating, I was so tired I wasn't able to go all mega diva on the server but I really did want to give them a piece of my mind. So I just ended up with giving them a bad look and impatiently asked to heat up my food and just wrap up my panna cotta. The food looked so unappetizing and was a far cry from the posters they had up. Seriously, disappointed. That's points off to the Kenny Rogers in MegaMall, don't expect I'll be back any time soon.

The mall was closing so we decided to go home already.

The bus ride was ok, not a lot of people since it was late, like around 11PM and it was pretty much like a roller coaster. The bus driver was swerving and driving so fast I couldn't get some shut eye. hahahhahah I usually sit with my feet up, half way along the ride, I checked to see if my beloved crocs were still there. They weren't.

I looked under our seat but nada. I thought they prolly flew a few seats up front because of the driver's crazy driving. z3LL searched 3, 5 even 7 rows up front but nothing! Of course I looked, too. Even went as far the row directly behind the driver. Nothing! 

Another funny thing was, z3LL asked me if maybe I put them in my bag. I was like O_O? Why would I put my crocs in my bag!? hahahahahah For safe keeping? hehheheh

The conductor and his friend helped but we found nothing! It was getting funny, where could my crocs be? XD
It was hard to believe that someone would take them. XD

Although we didn't find my footwear, we did find someone else's missing slipper, a cap, some hankies, a good morning towel, some hair scrunchies, a comb and a fan.

The driver, the conductor, his friend, z3LL and me could not do anything but laugh. The driver offered to lend me his slippers, but I didn't know how I was gonna return it. I offered to just buy it from him though but in the end I didn't.

We got to our stop but it was like midnight already and the shops were already closed. Thankfully there was a cab waiting near the area, I had to walk only a handful of steps in my bare feet. heheeheh.

We took a cab home, my folks were dumb founded. Where the heck was my slippers? I told them, I wish I knew, too. hahahhhaha

A bad day ended in a very unexpected and funny way. Biggest thanks to z3LL who was my savior and who patiently endured my zombieness. /hug

And that is the story of how I lost my favorite pair of foot wear, goodbye my darling crocs. Who ever took you... wahahhahahahah I don't know why he/she took you anyway. hahahahha I'll just laugh it off. XDD As there is nothing else I could do. hahahahahah

I so love those crocs, bought them big on purpose because I wanted my piggies to freely wiggle around. They were great in the rain too and super comfortable. They allowed my feet to breathe but still provided protection against the cold. Oh my beloved crocs. I wore them almost everyday, to and from work and after cosplay. They were a great pair of footwear, I will seriously miss them. *sniff*

L-R: Joanna, my sister: Minami and Me with my beloved crocs.
Yep, they are perfect for a Vocaloid Magnet cosplay hahahaha
I kid, I kid, forgive me please, but this was taken when we were ready to change,.
Hence my sister lacking the long signature Miku pigtails and us looking haggard.
Credits to CSCentrl for the photo.

I so can relate to this song now. hahahahahha
Where the heck is my favorite foot wear! wahahahahah XD
Nothing to do but laugh off this unfortunate and funny event.

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