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TRESE: Murder on Balete Drive

^Book review~

Graphic Novel
Title: TRESE: Murder in Balete Drive
Story by: Ferdinand-Benedict "Budjette" G. Tan
Art by: Jonathan "KaJo" A. Baldisimo

Book Cover of Trese I
(photo by Me, trying to be artistic but I think I failed aheheheh)

Published by Visual Print Enterprises
2810 Alcaver Street, Brgy. San Roque, Pasay City 1303

Available in most bookstores.
In National Bookstore it is 140PhP.

Better view of the Cover
(yes, still by me, not trying hard to be artistic with this one though LOL)

Most of the stories take place in the city of Manila, but has greater emphasis on its other facade.
The TRESE series revolves around Alexandra Trese, a very special kind of detective. Alexandra Trese, along with the Kambal solve cases that are not your ordinary everyday ones, cases that science can not easily explain to say the least.

A book has 4 cases in it, TRESE: MURDER ON BALETE DRIVE contains the following:
-At the Intersection of Balete and 13the Street
-Rules of the Race
-The Tragic Case of Dr. Burgos
-Our Secret Constellation

I have always loved engkantos, anything that is supernatural in nature. I love how realistic the setting of TRESE is. In this day and age, people take stories about kapres, white ladies and tikbalangs with a grain of salt. Some even don't listen to them and easily brush it off.

But some stories are just too weird to be solved by science and that is where Alexandra Trese comes in. The stories are superb and thrilling.

The book is in English but I do not find it an insult to the Filipino language. I also like how the art has its own personality. In no way is it anime-ish, manga-ish or comic-ish.
Kudos to KaJo Baldisimo for the awesome art work!^^

Some part of Case 4: Our Secret Constellation
Art by KaJo Baldisimo
(photo still by me >_<"')

Kudos to Budjette Tan, too for using the Filipino folklore concept. We have awesome stories that are in no way inferior to folklore of other countries. It is great that he used these unique stories that our grandparents used to scare us with, to his advantage.

I really love the cases but the first one (At the Intersection of Balete and 13the Street) is my favorite. The bit about how the underworld seeks balance truly gave me the creeps. Which is really cool. LOL

It is printed in black and white all through out in good quality and nice smelling paper, not perfume-y nice, just paper nice. (Okay so I like smelling books and papers, it's my thing ahehehehe mind your own business LOL)

TRESE was recommended by oniichan, my Mau-nii (Mau Duque). I got curious so I asked a friend of mine to get me a copy (arigatou so much ken-kun^^).

The only negative thing I have to say about the book is that it is too fragile. The pages tend to fall off easily. You have to be careful when holding the book, otherwise it will fall apart. But that's it. Other than that, TRESE is an excellent tribute to Filipino Folklore with a modern twist^^. I am eager to read more of Alexandra Trese and the Kambal's escapades^^

P.S. This Book is for ages 13 and up. And needs permission of guardians before little kiddies can enjoy it. Some of it's contents may be too mature for their young minds to handle.

More of the Trese art
(photo again by me XD)

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